Sunday, January 1, 2012

Where Have I Been All Year?

Well this is last February. My kids went to a Winter Ball at a church nearby. It was decorated in the Narnia theme and it was awesome. It's almost time for them to go again and I haven't even posted pictures from last year. I'll post a few for ya. Enjoy!

We found H's dress at a thrift store for $14.00. I thought it was pretty. She did have to wear a shrug because it was a haulter dress and she wasn't comfortable showing so much of her back.

Here they are ready to go to their very first Winter Dance.

H invited a friend. They had a lot of fun.

Two of J's friends. The one on the right is Nan's (Mom's The Word) youngest. Aren't they dapper? They are in front of the coat closet that leads to Narnia.

I went into Narnia for a few minutes to take pictures. This is the way back into the coat closet from the Narnia side. Clever, wasn't it!

A glimpse of Narnia and I had to let my kids have fun without me at their first dance.

I wish I could experience every first in their lives, but time is past for me to be at every single first in their lives. They are in high school now and I don't homeschool them anymore so that settles it. I'll take every opportunity to experience any firsts that I can though. Some day there may be grandkids to experience firsts with :)