Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane, September 29, 2009

Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane

Come for a walk with me down Memory Lane!
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I am five years old here and my mom made this dress. I like this dress alot, still. We wore dresses to school every day. If it was cold, we wore pants underneath just until we got to school. Then we had take the pants off so we were just wearing our dresses.

There's that Toni perm again and look at my bangs. Mom used to cut them. I must have wiggled too much and she had to keep evening them out until there wasn't much left.

Well look at me here! I'm one year older and I look the same. I do have some new teeth though.

Mom didn't make this dress, but I loved it. I loved it so much that after we bought it (late summer) I couldn't wait to wear it. I came down early one Sunday morning with it on and my mom & dad were in the kitchen. Mom asked why I had the dress on. I answered, "Cuz it's Sunday." Both mom & dad responded that it wasn't Sunday it was a weekday and we had to go berry picking. I was so disappointed.

Mom took us berry picking in the berry farm fields to earn extra money. We would go pick for the whole berry season. Raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. That was a long season for a kid my age. I do not like picking berries to this day. I like eating them though. I appreciated what the money could help us buy, my new dress.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

What made today terrific? The 24 hour ache and sore throat are gone. That makes any day terrific.

I went to the doctor and got medicine for my weeping eye. I also got some shots to catch me up to the school kids. Some would say that's not terrific, but I'd like to avoid as many illnesses as possible and that would be terrific.

My husband got the stitches out of his hand and the wound looks fine and his blood pressure is down.

I went back to my job for a half of a day. People were greeting me and saying how they missed me. Kids were asking me if I was okay. It was strange. Being appreciated does feel good. I do know that my reward is in heaven though.

I got to help 2nd and 3rd graders with reading and it was fun.

A boy in another class who suffered with encephalitis visited his class today and the kids greeted him with joy. He still has some things to overcome, but he's improving daily. He's the cutest kid!

The kindergarten class I volunteer in is so well behaved compared to the 2/3 split class I help with. That's good for the kindergartners. The 2/3 graders earned more class points today than they did last Friday. That's an improvement!

My kids are finished with their homework and it's only 5:30pm. I really like that one.

Hope your Tuesday was terrific. Let me know.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me Monday, September 28, 2009

This hardworking fella is the focus of my Not Me Monday post hosted by Mckmama over at My Charming Kids

Join me and many others by writing your Not Me Monday post and linking with Mckmama. She has directions on how to bring her button over. You can see it on my side bar. For some reason I couldn't bring the button over today. Maybe next time.

My husband did not go to the doctor one Friday because he had a foggy spot in his right eye. The doctor did not draw blood for several tests and he did not discipline my diabetic husband who is not in denial for not visiting the office more often.

My husband was not sent to an eye specialist later that day. He did not have his eyes dilated and looked at and tested. He did not miss work because he couldn't see very well. He did not drive home from the eye doctor without the very cool humongous black sunglasses, practically blinded by the sun. No, he did not do that.

He did not go to work on Saturday with one eye still sensitive to light. He did not go to the grocery store after working eight hours and buy stuff for his lunches for the next week.

He did not come home wanting to BBQ some pork and some chicken for our lunches the next week. He did not slice part of his palm just below the thumb, very deep with a very sharp knife while slicing some meat. We did not clean and pack and bandage his hand and clean up the blood all in the sink so he could not finish all the things he wanted to finish that night.

He did not work the next day, Sunday, with this badly cut hand. He did not go to the doctor again on Monday and have the doctor look at his hand. The doctor did not say, "You did the right thing. You'd still be in the emergency room waiting if you'd gone on Saturday night." The doctor did not put five stitches in my husband's hand.

The doctor did not check my husband's prostate and he did not set up a colonoscopy appointment for my husband.

The doctor did not diagnose my husband with high blood pressure and high cholesterol in addition to the diabetes he'd been diagnosed with years ago. He did not prescribe three medications for these diagnosese.He did not tell my husband to come and see him every three months. He did not tell my husband to check his blood sugar every day.

Since I wasn't there, I don't know what else the doctor did not say. I just do not know about men. They are a mystery when it comes to going to the doctor when they have warning signs for illnesses. They also do not tell their wives about any changes in their health or well being.

This is not the end of my Not Me Monday Post. Do not have a very nice day.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things.

My favorite Bible verse. It's hard to just select one, but I'll go with Jeremiah 29:11 because it's been sticking with me for a couple years, "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

My favorite pet. We found a Collie in our church parking lot one very cold Sunday when I was in about tenth grade. He just climbed in the car when we opened the door. We took him home. He was pretty old. We named him King. He would greet us with this quivering, howling sound whenever we came home. He was sweet.

I can't leave out my current favorite, Jack, our one year old cat.

My favorite food. CHOCOLATE! Oh is that considered food? If not, I'll go with chicken.

My favorite holiday. Christmas. I just love the way the city decorates and the cookies and candies and cards. I love hearing the story of Jesus' birth. It's an exciting time.

My favorite color. I like color in general, but pink has been a longstanding favorite of mine. Blue and purple too.

My favorite beverage. MOCHA! or Diet Coke or ice tea. I can be so indecisive. Just a quirk in my personality.

My favorite time of day. Late morning.

My favorite sport. Basketball.

My favorite jewel. Diamond.

I think I'll leave it at that. I'm tired and I think I'm getting a cold or something. I'm feeling lousy tonight. Have a blessed Monday.

Friday, September 25, 2009

It's my "I'm A..." Poem

I was helping in a second/third grade class today and they were doing some writing projects. Just before I had to leave they were writing their "I'm a..." poems. I didn't get to hear them, but I'd like to read some on Monday if I can. I was very impressed with their free writing they had done earlier in the day.

I'm going to try my own "I'm a...poem" tonight. Here we go.

I'm a Mocha drinking,
student educating,
kid loving,
Bible reading,
homework tackling,
car driving,
job hunting,
weather watching,
blog posting,
picture taking,
wife and mom.

That's how it goes. Try your own "I'm a poems". They're fun.
Have a fantastic weekend. I love you all, my friends.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The First Day of School, 2009

These have been dusted off and actually used this week. This is good news. The teachers and the school board came to a happy compromise and school started Tuesday, September 15th, 2009.

These two kids got to go to school after eleven days of waiting. They were very happy. My son looks a little tired here. I think that he thought he could maintain a summer routine of staying up late. I think morning came early for him on this day.

My daughter was up early and ready to go. She had layed her outfit out the night before and asked my advice. Something she rarely does. I think she looked rather cute. The black hat she's wearing is sequined. Gotta have some bling.

I'm so happy they are in school and that I'm working steady for now. I call them every day after school to see how their day went. It feels strange, but I think it's gonna be okay. God has carried us every step of the way and I am so thankful for that.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The New Life of This Working Mom

Oh to be back on this day again. Drinking a mocha, standing in a cool water spray at the park near the street fair.

Some of you may know that I'm a substitute para educator. The first job I picked up is a long term situation with no defined ending date. So I'll just keep working this job until I pick up a permanent position. The school and all of the people I have come in contact with are very nice and complimentary. I know I'm appreciated and needed because the hours really stink.

I'm not complaining because I'm so glad to be working, but I have the strangest shift. I only work two hours and forty minutes a day, but it's strung out over seven hours. I have four breaks that all range from one hour to an hour and 40 minutes.

I pretty much stay at the school because if I go home it uses so much gas. I may run an errand or two, but I stay in the teacher's lounge and read or go for a walk for the most part.

Yesterday I started volunteering in the all day kindergarten class. This helps make the time go faster. I'm learning so much about how they teach. I can use this in Sunday School. Modifying behavior is going to be a good tool and some of the songs are going to be helpful too.

I have applied for the same type of job, permanent position, at a school closer to my home which pays $1.00 more per hour and it is a four hour a day position. I'm hoping that the Lord is opening this door to me. If not, He's got something even better.

Since I come home very tired every day (I haven't worked out of the home in 14 years)
I've been neglecting my blog and my following. Thank you to those of you who still stop by even when I don't visit you. God bless you all. I hope to get used to working and I hope to not be so tired every night. Have a very nice weekend.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Puggles R' Us

Guess what my daughter and I did this morning? It had a lot to do with preschoolers.

I decided I needed something to encourage the little kiddos to behave and follow directions. Most do, but some have a harder time of it. I found these sunglasses my friend made for me back in the late 80's. I've never worn them, but I thought one day I'd need them for some fun activity. Today was that day.

Puggles is our Sunday morning class for preschoolers. When a child exhibited good behavior by following directions, they were given the right to wear the sunglasses. H and I were good so we got to wear them. LOL!

It took this little guy a while, but he got to wear them about 2/3 of the way through class. So cute!

This is his older sister and she was the very first to get to wear them, but she said no thank you at first. Later she let us take her picture in them.

Whatever it takes to get some good behavior. I'm not real experienced with preschoolers so I could use a lot of ideas to motivate these little ones this year.
Feel free to leave ideas for me in the comments section.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Crossing Guard's Day

Recently, I have been substituting for a crossing guard/ playground helper at an elementary school. Each morning & each afternoon I stand at a corner and wait to cross the two or three kids that cross that street.

I have to stay there for a half an hour each time even though the kids cross the street at the beginning of the half hour. So I stand there for the next 20 to 25 minutes with nothing to do.

By the third day I decided to start memorizing some of the Awana T & T scriptures. Since I work with that group on Wednesday nights, I am trying to complete a handbook. I started book one last year and I made it to Discovery Zone four. That's about half of the book. I'll finish it this year. Now I understand better when the kids don't finish their book in one year.

Anyway, This is an excellent time to recite to myself what I've memorized. I write the verses on paper in case I forget. I don't want to stand out there with the book. It might look like I'm reading to the parents driving by.

This is me in my vest trying to smile as I take a picture of myself. I tried three times, but I never caught myself while I was smiling.

This is my flag that I hold up two times a day for thirty seconds.

This is my crosswalk. Not much to look at over there. I walked over and looked in the bushes and walked up the street a little ways. Nothing exciting to see.

Looking to my right up the road. Wow! Still not much. Nothing much to the left either.

This is the eye sore house. Weeds, rotting wood and roof and several old cars & trucks in the driveway. I walked over there and looked around. There was a black cat sleeping in one of the window sills. At least I hope it was sleeping and not dead. Ooh, not a good thought.

This crow kept me company for a few minutes while he picked at something in the road and sat on the wire above me. I kept an eye on him. I hate being pooped on.

Now this is a science experiment. One afternoon I noticed this chocolate chip cookie near my post. Guess how long it takes ants to finish a chocolate chip cookie?

About 24 hours. Guess what else I learned? They don't like the chocolate chips.
This is just the grease and chocolate chips the next day. So I learned something that might come in handy someday. Hmm...

Here is what is behind me. Very exciting (not).

And I can stand and look down in here for hours about a half a second.

I understand why the principal keeps asking how I'm doing and thanking me for subbing. The secretary thanks me too. They know that this is a boring job with a lot of down time in between jobs.

The recess part is full of action and things to watch out for. Kids need band aids or restroom passes. They get knocked over by some other kid running and not watching where they are going. They step in unmentionables that are left on the play field from the night before. There's an argument now and then that needs to be defused.

But my favorite question of the week is, "Do you know where my friend is?" There are only 100+ students out there and I don't know any of them by name. Bless their little, innocent hearts. Most kids are so sweet and just want to play and learn.

All in all I've had a good experience. But I want you to wave at the crossing guard as you go by and thank them if you get a chance cuz they are devoted to the safety of the kids, whether there's two or 100. Smile!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kids Still Not In School

These are collecting dust as are the brains of my children.

Just a quick note to those who know that our school district's teachers have been on strike since August 27th.

My kids have missed ten days of school so far. A judge has ordered the teachers to go back to work. They have refused. Today the judge said that if they don't go back by the 14th the union will be fined $1,500 a day and each teacher will be fined $200 a day.

It's a sad situation for everyone. It would be nice if they could get the things they're asking for. I'm just praying that they can find a compromise that will work for the teachers and the students and the school district.

I'm anxious for my kids to get started. I'm not looking forward to an extended school year and shorter breaks during the year, but that is what will have to happen.

Keep us in your prayers as we continue on in this new journey of our lives.

Something Broke

Last Saturday my husband was driving home on the freeway and his 1979 Toyota pick up just stopped running. He drove it for about nine years to and from work. It is rusty and the seats and floorboards are severely damaged, but it kept running with little maintenance for those years.

All good things must come to an end. This baby is no longer in service. ;(

We had no idea what to do. We didn't want another loan to pay off. My hubs told his mom what was going on and she graciously offered us a certain amount of money.

We still didn't know what to do until we found a replacement vehicle. We were hoping to borrow a car. No luck. We looked at renting. Too much even for a clunker.

On Sunday we still had no idea what we were going to do. I was starting my job on the following Tuesday. Banks were closed for the holiday. My hubs was feverishly looking on the Internet for a vehicle. He went to see a couple and was getting excited about the thought of a newer truck.

He found this one at a nearby city dealership. They made arrangements for him to borrow the money on Labor Day and the next day he and his mom got the cash from her bank and payed off the loan.

We brought the 1990 Toyota home on Labor Day and sold the non-running 1979 truck for $10.00 on Tuesday.

My hubs loves the newer pick-up. It gets great mileage and drives smooth (not like the tank feeling of the older one). It's just been a blessing to see how this all turned out and in time for both of us to go to work.

With God all things are possible. Thank you my Lord and Savior!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My First Day of Work 2009

After fourteen years of being a SAHM and homeschooler I went to work today for the first time. It felt good. I feel like a teenager who just got her first job. Thus ends my homeschooling days (I need to change my profile now). I hope I don't lose followers cuz I'm a traitor.

I did my best with the knowledge and skills I had and now I'm entrusting others to teach my kids. They are still in God's hands and that is the best it can ever get.

So guess who I'm working for? The schools!! Yes, you heard me right. I figure I have my most experience working with kids so I applied to be a substitute paraeducator for two school districts and I got hired by both.

Today I was a crossing guard and playground helper. I will have that same job for nine days at the same school. I figure I did pretty good getting a two week job as soon as school started. God knows our every need.

So here I am with my school badge and lanyard. It says Guest Teacher. I'm not a teacher. I'm a para. I guess that's the badge everyone gets.

Here I go. I'm nervous, but excited and happy.

Off I go. The day went very well. I was really early which is fine with me. I looked around a little at the school grounds and crosswalk I'd be at.

I went in & got my vest and flag and went to my post. It was a quiet 30 minutes. Only two kids crossed the street in 30 minutes both times of the day. Boredom was my only complaint about today and only the crossing guard part of it.

I had fun. The kids seemed sweet and well behaved. Of course it's only the third day of school. The Principal was very nice and talked to me throughout the day to see how I was doing. He knew it was my first day of work in fourteen years.

I need to get to bed early tonight. I stayed up too late last night and then woke up at 4:30am and stayed awake. I am draggin' right now. My lunch is made and I'm ready for another fine day of work. It's good to be happy about it now, cuz I'm guessing there's a honeymoon period and then I'll hate going to work.

So to all of you hard working bloggers out there, be encouraged in whatever you are doing and do your best for the glory of God.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Church Project We Love

Every year, beginning in early August, our church starts the Operation Back Pack Project. I've been coordinating it for a couple of years.

We put out the request for people to donate full back packs in early August. We collect them over a three or four week period. At the end they are set on the steps to the stage area and we pray that the back packs will bring much blessing to those who receive them.

Sometimes people prefer to donate money and some donate supplies. It's my job to use the money to buy what is needed to make as close to full back packs as I can. I bring everything home and it looks like this picture.

I set everything out in assembly fashion and fill backpacks until I run out of supplies. It's nice when people fill the back packs and bring them ready to go.

This year we donated seventeen back packs and took them to a local middle school before school started. The secretary and principal and vice principal get pretty excited when we bring them in each year.

It's a good feeling knowing that we're helping our community. It is getting a little more difficult with so many of our church members being out of work or being ill or having surgery. So I'm proud that we were still able to carry out this neat sharing project this year.

Thanks be to God for He is good. His love is for all and it endures forever.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Loyal Friend And Visitor Award

My very sweet friend, Hope over at My Hope Is In The Lord has passed this award along to me. I found Hope through Nan or Erica (I can't remember) when I first started blogging. Maybe Hope found me. Either way she's loyal.

Hope has visited me regularly for the three months I've been blogging. She always leaves encouraging words for me and she laughs at my humor. What more could I ask for?

She has a really fun blog with a variety of interesting stuff on it, like old photo's and magazine pictures from Life, her personal cartoons (very cute), her drawings and how she has learned to draw, stories and scripture and encouragement. It's a fun blog to follow. Thanks, Hope for being a Loyal Friend and Visitor to me.

I enjoy seeing comments on my blog when I open it each day. There are a few friends who are loyal and come by almost every day. I know that some of you have many followers and you try to visit your followers as often as possible and that is why I call you Loyal Friends and Visitors.

There are also new bloggers looking for new bloggie friends and some of you have become my Loyal Friends and Visitors. You always lift me up and encourage me with your words.

I also found out that there are some who "lurk" and don't leave comments. If they had a blog I would give them this award too. It's fun knowing that friends are reading even if they don't leave a comment. They will tell me in person or send me an e-mail and that makes this blogging thing even more interesting.

I sure appreciate each and every one of you. You have made blogging fun for me. I like knowing there are people with similar interests reading my blog. I like meeting new christian women and reading about their lives.

Here are the rules: (1) Post the award on your blog. (2) Acknowledge the giver. (3) Pass the award on to who you think who is/are deserving to as many as you want. (4) Leave a message telling them.

Since you give me a lift each day or at least once a week I want to pass the award along to these friends in blog land:

Mimi at He & Me + 3

Nan at Momstheword

Andrea at Arise 2 Write

Kat at Art's Chili

Laura at Goose Hill Farm

Amy at In Search of Normal

Stacey at McCrakensX4

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm Feeling Great!

I'm feeling sooooo gooood!!! God is awesome! It's amazing how He works things out for us. I went to the dentist three times in two days and they were so compassionate every time I came in.

The dentist consulted with specialists and did each procedure with care and concern. He almost always gives me a break on the dental bill. I've been going to him for about five years and before him I went to his father's practice for about 10 years.

I do not like having dental work done and I've had to learn to calm down as I lay in that chair getting work done, but I'm glad I have a dentist to do what needs to be done.

I have a lot more work to be completed and I'm sure some of it will be more root canal work, but I'm praying that I won't have an infection like the one I had with this tooth.

I am taking Prednizone and two antibiotics. Unfortunately that creates a lot of yeast in the system and so you may know what I have now. Is there anything else? I didn't ask that did I?

As long as I have the Lord I will be able to live with whatever else there might be, but I'd rather stay positive now. Every morning is new with the Lord and I'm renewed every morning. Great is His faithfulness. I think I just read those verses over at Fly Away Birdie. Martha had some great scripture referenced there.

Thank you all for continuing to drop by my blog and check on me and leave me words of encouragement. God bless you all.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

There's Been Better Days!

I can honestly say I've had better days this summer, like this day when I went to an island with my kids and my sis.

I'm still having tooth problems. I thank you all for dropping by and for your kind words and thoughts. I don't need to go on & on, but it seems to be going on & on. I have a warm chair waiting for me 2 to 3 times a week at the dentist's office these days. Gotta find some humor in this somewhere.

I will be enjoying blogging again soon, I'm sure. I miss you all. Take care.

"Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits:
Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases,
Who redeems your life from destruction,
Who crowns you with lovingkindness and
tender mercies, Who satisfies your mouth
with good things, so that your youth is
renewed like the eagle's."
Psalm 103:2 through 5 NKJV

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Now That's A Bright Idea

There are a lot of bright ideas that people have come up with over the years that have made life easier for us like the light bulb, the microwave, the computer, and the hot water heater.

So let's have a little fun thinking of other bright ideas that make us happy or make our lives easier or are just great ideas for whatever reason.

Here are some bright ideas that I came up with:

The projector so we can lift up our eyes when we sing. It frees up our hands to be lifted as we praise God.

Media shout so all of the songs can be projected onto the screen for us to sing.


Self cleaning appliances.

WII Fitness. Wish I had one.

Cruise control.

Seat warmers.

Hand Sanitizer.

Invisible dog fences.

Pitching machines.

Now I realize there are many obvious items that are bright ideas, but try to think of some that aren't so obvious unless you just absolutely love them and want to mention them.

Have fun with this and leave a comment full of your ideas.