Saturday, May 29, 2010

Out With The Old...

Yup, the old thrown has seen better days. My husband decided he was tired of fixing it so he found himself a new throne.

Jack approves of the new throne.

Looking good!!

Ta Da! This puppy flushes & refills quickly & quietly. Thank you, hubby for putting your talents to work in our house.

Next project coming soon.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Feeling Sad For Kids

This week I've been working out on the soccer field at the school instead of near the Big Toy.

The kids are older and more competitive, but they are also more brutal. I am sad today because no matter how I try to encourage good sportsmanship and discourage cheating and just plain unfair practices it seems I am just met with bad attitudes.

The kids who want to be on the same team come out with the ball (the same boy everyday so far) and the same boy selects all the "good" players and starts the game. The other kids feel unfairly treated and for good reason.

The first time he did this I made them start over and pick teams one player at a time. They were furious & some kids wouldn't play. I couldn't believe what poor sports they were about it. I was disappointed.

I've just been observing them the last two days to get a feel for the group. I did cheer though when the underdogs stopped every goal attempt by the "good" players.

Please pray for me that I will share wise and useful advice and make statements that will be helpful and create an environment of good sportsman like behavior. I don't want to make everyone miserable, yet I do not want to tolerate "cheating" and poor sportsmanship.

Kids need advocates and other kids need a reminder of what is right and wrong.
God bless them all. I pray for them everyday. Some days it's just sad though.

I do know that God is in control and even this is important to Him.

H Gets A New Haircut

H is doing a Wax Museum part as a book report. Her whole class is doing this. She wants to be Princess Dianna. So she got the idea to get her haircut as close to Lady Di's as possible for the part.

My friend who cuts our hair for us thought it was a brave move for a seventh grader. I agree. H is going out on a limb here.

A month ago you saw her at her Karaoke birthday party with long hair.

And last Wednesday she took the leap and got her haircut. She loves it and most people have made positive comments. She hasn't had short hair since she was little and she claimed she didn't like it then, but she likes it now.

Watch out Wax Museum, here comes "Lady Di". I wish I could be at her school that day.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Awana Awards Night 2010

Our kids and I have been involved with Awana about ten years now. We just finished another year two weeks ago.

This year's theme was "Run the race". You know, "Pressing on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus." Philipians 3:14?

It's been a fun year and I'm looking forward to next year. I enjoy being the secretary for the T & T group, ages 8 to 11. I actually finished the first book this year. The book is full of scripture to memorize, sections to get a kid into the Bible, all of the books of the Bible are memorized during this book as well. This year I can say I really have the books of the Bible memorized. Before, I always had to stop and think before I could recite them. Now I feel confident I know them.

The background decorations on the stage are long sheets of paper that all of the kids and leaders footprints are on. Yes, we put paint on our feet and took 4 steps. It turned out pretty neat I thought. Also there are about 200 hundred balloons on the stage.I only blew up & tied about ten.

First up we have a picture of my son and his friend because they helped Ms Nan (in red on the left) from momstheword with the SPARKS group, ages five to seven.

These guys got together and sang acapella for the parents and others attending the ceremony. The two on the left are none other than Nan's sons. Boy do these guys sound good together for just starting to practice together earlier that day. God given talent at it's best. Thanks guys.

These are our middle schoolers called TREK. A lot of these clubbers will be going to camp this summer so we are raising funds for that now.

My daughter is in this group on the far right.

Here's H after receiving her certificate.

Well, farewell for now. I pray that all these kids and then some will return to Awana next September with hearts ready for God's Word to come in. Pray for kids everywhere to find their place in God's Kingdom. There's room for everyone!!