Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Birthday April 12, 2010

So, I had a birthday a few weeks ago. Boy am I behind with my blog. I celebrated three times. Once on Easter with my family, once with my good friend from high school, and once with my immediate family. Now don't I feel special? Yes, I am blessed.

Thanking God for another year of life and lessons in His training camp. This year has been interesting and you've seen most of it through my blog. One lesson I've learned...Be as compassionate as you can possibly be. I lose sight of this sometimes.

So here's my birthday in the only pictures I have.

This would be my cup of cocoa at Mitzel's where I met my friend for breakfast.

Here we are with our meal. We meet here every year to celebrate both of our birthdays. We stay about 2 hours every time because we only see each other about twice a year. We met in 10th grade and we've been friends ever since.

The week after my birthday my immediate family took me to lunch at The Olive Garden. I don't eat these peppers, but I did taste it.

Here's my favorite salad. And of course the breadsticks are awesome.

This was my meal. It was steak and noodles and cheese. I can't remember the name of it now, but it was good and brought most of it home. Since I ate so much salad and breadsticks I was almost full by the time my food came. I think they plan it that way. Next time I'm starting with dessert and bringing home the meal.

Here we all are in the lobby. Never mind the bathroom sign (oops!)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Baby Turns 13!!!!

The happy party goers. Two friends from church and one from school. The two boys chickened out. Just kidding, I understand they had "previous commitments."

H loves to sing. She sings in her room all the time. Her friends weren't as excited about it, but most did join in. They were precious and not little girls anymore. Boo Hoo!

Can you guess what song they're singing? The lady on the right is Debbie, never mind her "C" is backwards, LOL! She was kind enough to provide us with the Karaoke. She's very organized and kept us singing for quite awhile. It was really fun.

H in her comfort zone. She can go far away in her music. She gets into it and doesn't even hear us when we summon her from her room. I guess that's typical of many teens.

Two mom's, and friends of mine via our daughters, stayed and sang and joined in the ice breaker games we did.

We had some food. Can you tell what my daughter's favorite color is? She wears it every day.

Time for gifts.

A sketch book. H also loves to draw characters. Her school friend knows this. H draws during every spare moment at school I understand. Thus a sketch pad was the gift her friend brought as well as pens and colored pencils.

A serious look at "13". I wonder if she changed her mind about wanting to be 13?

Good bye 12. It's official, the candles have been blown out. H is "13". Mama Mia, I have two teens now!!

Update on Mia

Here's the update on baby Mia. She went home to Jesus on April 12th at 11:00pm.

I'm sorry I didn't keep everyone updated, I just haven't made it
into my blog for quite some time.

Thanks for your prayers. You may continue to pray for her family. I understand her dad isn't walking with the Lord and I don't know about her mom. Her auntie and grandma are very sad, but love the Lord and are praying for salvation for their family members.

Friday, April 2, 2010

My Daughter's 13th Birthday

Happy to get a little cake on the actual day of her birth.
We did fit 13 candles on there. Cute little Red Velvet cake. Thank you, WalMart.

She did blow them all out at once. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...

I guess she was surprised that she was able to blow them all out.

Eating the little white chocolate square that said Red Velvet. Mmmm Mmmm good!

Very cute cake and very good. She was happy because her birthday fell on a Tuesday and her dad works swing shift so there wasn't really a family party. Her big brother and I celebrated with her that day.

Oh yes, it was very good!

It was gone by the next day. Isn't it just so cute? I love it.

Her girlfriend party was two weeks later. I'll have pictures posted soon. We did Karaoke. What fun we had.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our 16th Anniversary

My husband had the day off and he made a Prime Rib and shrimp dinner for our anniversary. The table was set and there were cards and letters placed around the room and under the plastic table cover. Letters & cards we had written to each other back when we were courting. My hubs had saved them and he found the ones I had saved. It was a little walk down memory lane. A look back at how head over heels we were for each other. (Smile)

We enjoyed being served by our kids and we had some wine with our dinner. The kids ate too, just in another room. My daughter gave us a bell and said to ring it when we needed something. It was a lovely time and the food was excellent.

Here is my plate and as usual I ate it all. I was way full, but found room for a piece of chocolate afterward.

Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Johnson (that's us)!!