Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prayer Request For Baby Mia

I have a prayer request from a friend.

Her brother and his wife just had a baby girl two months ago.

Little Mia has been diagnosed with Leukemia. She has been in the hospital over two weeks and is in intensive care right now.

Please pray as you feel lead. God is in control and my friend understands this. I don't know if her brother is a believer.

Thanks so much for your prayers for little Mia.

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

We've got some Awana clubbers that want to go to camp this summer, but you know how it is when there just isn't enough money to send them. Can you say "FUNDRAISER?" Well we took a night off of Awana and held a spaghetti dinner fundraiser.

Here are the youth servers. My daughter is kneeling on the right. All of these kids are in 6th & 7th grade. I believe we have some 5th graders, one 8th grader and some highschoolers going to camp too.

Since it was St. Patrick's Day we had some green spaghetti to commemorate the occasion. Mmm Mmm good.. or not. Depends on if how it looks will turn your stomach first.

Actually it was good. I had some. We may need to have a few more fundraisers to get enough money, but we got a good start and it was fun.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Green Eggs and Ham Dinner 2010

There was a "Read Across America" event the first week of March. Naturally Dr. Seuss books were in the Library window of our school. And apparently this Green Eggs and Ham dinner has been a hit with the families in our school so I thought I'd take my kids and check it out.

Our welcoming committee. The coats on the floor are part of the lost & found. Whenever parents will be at the school for an event the lost and found is layed out all along the hallway in hopes that the items will be claimed.

Some teachers served us. The second one in is the All Day Kindergarten (ADK) teacher that I volunteer with in my down time.

More teachers serving. The first one is the para for the ADK class that I help in. She has been a tremendous help to me in my first year working as a para. The male teacher is another one that I help on occasion in his classroom.

And here it is "Green Eggs and Ham" just like Dr. Seuss taught us. Will you eat them Sam I Am? I did eat them in a school.

Two more teachers. We had dressed for a Western theme that day. Each day of the week had a theme.

The Principal. How do you like his western vest? His badge is a button that says "Read Across America" with The Cat In The Hat in the middle. The music teacher made them for us. Very cute.

The guest Eric Ode. Singer, poet, author, teacher and a great entertainer. He did a fantastic job with the kids. He isn't teaching presently, but he and our Principal had worked together several years ago.

It was a fun time and the Green Eggs and Ham were okay. I don't recommend them for guests at your house this Easter, however, LOL!

Have a Wonderful Resurrection Celebration. God be with you and all of your loved ones this special time of year!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Hubs' 51st Birthday Celebration

My hubs turned 51 last week. He celebrated by going to an Ice Hockey game at our new arena in town. We gave him a few gifts and were planning to go out to eat after church last Sunday, but he was sick. We'll find a date to go out for lunch sometime soon I hope.

Jack is always helpful at opening the gifts (not). He just loves the paper and gift bags.

Relaxing after trashing paper.

The arena. Shiny, slick ice.

And of course the ZAMBONI!

My son & his friend (Nan's son) at the Hockey game with my hubs.

My hubs' little brother went too. His wife went too, but no one took her picture. Just can't trust the guys with the camera, geesh!

Happy Birthday, honey!!