Friday, November 27, 2009

An Uncomfortable Few Moments

One day I was leaving work and a guy pulls up behind my pickup and asks me what is the current time (weird I thought). I told him the precise time I had on my watch. He then asks, "Why aren't there kids running around everywhere?"

I responded, "Because they're all gone." Then he asks, " What time does school get out?" Now my radar has gone up. "I'm not going to give you that information," I said.

He says, "Am I lost?" (weird again). I ask, "What are you looking for?" He asks again, "What time does school get out?" I give him the same answer I gave him before.

He calls me rude and starts grumbling at me about how rude I am. Then he says the dumbest thing he could say, "I pick my kids up here everyday. I can't believe you are so rude."

I suggested he go to the school office and they would help him with the answers he needed. He got even more angry and called me rude a few more times. He took off in a hurry. I wish I had gotten his license.

I went into the office and told them what happened. I went home and wrote down everything I could remember and I gave it to the principal the next day. The school district police have been in touch with me and I've told other crossing guards. We keep our eyes out for this character.

I despise this kind of thing. I do not want anyone messing with children if I can do anything about it.

God protect all the children out there who are so innocent and unaware of the dangers that lerk. Help them not to have to live in fear everyday. Help me to protect them at all cost. Help us all to be vigilant in protecting ourselves and others.


  1. Oh my goodness, how scary. I have to say the line about picking his kids up there every day was pretty stupid! Good for you for not being caught off guard & rambling off the time that the children are coming through there. I hope he is long gone & stays that way!

  2. Great job responding to a weirdo.

  3. We all need to be on guard. This just makes me sick at my stomach.

  4. Nannette~

    You would think that if he picked his children up "every day" he would KNOW what time they get out!
    Sounds very fishy to me. You did the right thing in reporting that to the principal.

    May God put his hedge of protection around those children!

    Blessings, sweet friend~

  5. I'm so glad you were aware and had the "sense" to be "rude"!
    The parents can sleep better knowing you are on the job.
    Thank you for taking care of the children!

  6. Scary...too bad that people have to be that way and I think you did the right thing. If he picks up his kids there everyday, you would think that you would know him and he would know what time school gets out....Great job responding on your part! Sorry I have been computer is still on the fritz :P

  7. AMEN!

    I hope he realised you were on to him and NEVER EVER comes back!

  8. Good for you for not telling him. Remember that rude guy that was walking all around the church when we were painting? And how he got mad when we asked him if we could help him, and told him he couldn't just walk around where the kids were like that? I remember how he was real "brave" when he thought it was just the two of us, but took off running when he saw my hubby and everybody else.

  9. Wow, the world is a scary place, isn't it? At least you were thinking quick and didn't answer him. Now he knows YOU KNOW and saw his face!

    *sigh* So sad.

  10. Good for you Nannette. We have had a few scares like that in our neighborhood school. Stranger danger is so important to teach the kids. Crazy people out there.

  11. Oh that's scary! Good for you for standing up to him!

    Take care my friend!
    Hope you have a great week!

  12. I am so GLAD you picked up on that spirit! We need more people looking out for our kids and praying for their safety every day!!

  13. Wow! God has given you some wisdom in responding to that man the way that you did. God in you has most likely prevented harm on a child. God is good and loves us all!

  14. You have a blog award at arise 2 write.

  15. Yes, that is so weird!! I'm so glad that you stood your ground with him. I hope he doesn't come back.

  16. You are a blessing of a mom - every vigilant - even over other people's children! Be blessed and praise God for your protective spirit!