Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lake Mowich August 2010

In August the kids and I took a day trip to an area near Mt Rainier. We visited a river, a forest trail and a lake. I wanted to take the kids to a waterfall that I enjoyed as a child with my family, but the road washed out six years ago. I was surprised and disappointed. We decided to drive the sixteen miles up to the lake instead.

Enjoy some pictures of God's great country in the pacific northwest.
My son and I. He is now more than an inch taller than me. When did that happen?

My daughter is close behind in the growing department.

We crossed this old, very high bridge and took the pictures of us up there. I was a little scared to look over the edge.

The deck of the old bridge. Would you drive over this bridge? I know it's over 50 years old and that made me think twice, but we drove over it, cuz if we didn't we'd miss out on what was on the other side.

We continue on up the road.

To Carbon River. A glacier river that carves a new path through the riverbed every year. This is just a small arm of it. H and I were too chicken to cross it and walk to the main river. J crossed over on a log, but I got dizzy when I could see the river rushing under the log I was walking on. So I came back.

Bouncing on an old fallen tree.


Next we went to a trail in the forest. It was beautiful. So much green and boardwalks and bridges, tiny pools of cool, clear water. Even some berries and Skunk Cabbage. The bloom smells just like a skunk.

Walking through Skunk Cabbage. No blooms at this time. That's okay with me.

Crossing one of the bridges. I love these boardwalks and bridges.

Back on the road to Lake Mowich. Sixteen miles of unpaved road, but worth the trip.

I told ya it was worth it. It was so quiet up there. People were everywhere (the parking lot was full), but we didn't see or hear very many.

A small meadow full of wild flowers and buzzing bees.

We waded in here for a bit and started a short walk.

I call this Turtle Island. It's a fun place to play and take pictures from.

Wading some more at Turtle Island.

Mt. Rainier peaking over that hill.

I love how clear and aqua the water looks.

Just me sittin' on a big rock by the water.

Looks peaceful doesn't it? The beauty of God's earth.


  1. What a great day! Beautiful pictures.
    You are a amazing mom, to take your children out to explore like that. Nice to see a new post from you.

    How's work going for you?

  2. Looks like a fun and absoulutely beautiful day. Great photos and gorgeous scenery.

  3. Oh how beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    Take care my friend! I hope you are doing well!