Sunday, February 19, 2012

Grades: Who Needs 'Em?

See these two kids? I love 'em to pieces and yet they can frustrate me to pieces too. As their mom I feel responsible to make sure they are doing well in school. I also would like them to take responsibility for doing their very best. I cannot prompt them every day. They've got to own it.

So I back off and hope for the best and pray for them to do their best. Then the new grading system comes along and has thrown me (and other parents)for a loop. So I check their grades on line and I cannot decipher how they are progressing, but encourage them to hand in missed assignments and follow up with their teachers as to how they are supposed to finish their Learning Targets to complete the Power Standards.

Report cards come home and I see F's and I's. "Face palm. Head shake." I'm so frustrated. Now I have to take away privileges and begin close monitoring. I pray that my kids will have a desire in their hearts to be responsible not only in school, but with chores at home.

I know that grades don't define my children, but school is a way to help them show what they've got and find for themselves how well they can do when they apply themselves and be proud and thank God for an education and opportunities.

They did have better grades in math than in the past so I'm so thankful we've made progress there. They each had at least one "A" and 2 "B's" so I am pleased about this. Feel free to give ideas and advice on how to encourage my kids and how I can cope with where they are in their lives right now.

I am giving this over to God because He has it all in control and I need to let go and let Him do His mighty work in their lives.

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