Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Visit With Highschool Friends June 2012

The six of us enjoyed a meal at Red Robin earlier this month. Some of us haven't seen each other since our last highschool reunion in 2006.
Center front is our friend Nina. I met Nina in elementary school and we attended school together all the way through graduation. Nina has lived across the United States for over 30 years and she came to town with her two boys a couple weeks ago. She wanted to meet our kids too. We all wished we had more time & a better visiting environment, but we did have a great time together.
Thanking God for good times with old friends.


  1. Hi Nannette!

    Thank you for hopping over to my blog to say "Hello." It was so nice to see you there!

    Yes, that is our favorite campsite and we have been going to that exact site since our first two children were quite young...about 19 years ago.

    So nice that you and your long-time friend could get together. It sounds like lots of fun.

    I have started so many new blogs since I quite blogging in 2010, but I think I will stay with this fits me. SO...I am following you anew.


  2. P.S. You will be on my blog list and your button will be on my side bar, both of which can be seen on my "Mailbox" blog.