Friday, October 30, 2009

Snoqualmie Falls, October 2009

I had been wanting to go for a ride to the mountain area of our state. I love seeing the vast array of color that God spreads across our state every year at this time. Seeing and experiencing God's beauty gives me great joy and relaxation. To God be the glory. He has created such a wonderful place for us to live.

So last Saturday, October 24th, the kids and I set out for a ride. My hubs had a previous commitment. I had been hoping that sometime in October we could all go, but every weekend seemed to be full. Good thing we went because the storms have pretty much blown all the leaves off the trees and flooding has started in many areas.

Off we go to Snoqualmie Falls just about 45 minutes from here. I've been there several times, but I don't remember going in fall. The views were spectacular and a misty fog hung over certain areas.
We ate pizza first and found this river access area behind the local bowling alley. Looking upstream.

Looking downstream. It rained significantly in this area the following day and the main street flooded because of leaves clogging the drains. The river didn't actually flood.

J and H enjoying the view and posing for mom.

Me posing by a big tree stump in the Snoqualmie River.

We walked over to the train station. We were seeing kids in costumes so we followed the crowd and found out there were train rides. We bought tickets for later that day.

A little fall decor.

The must have Gazebo picture. I'm sure I have a few of these in my stacks of pictures from days gone by.

Signs that this was a flourishing logging community in past years. This tree is huge. Can you imagine it standing tall in the forest somewhere? It would be a mammoth of trees. We left here and drove to the falls about a mile away.

Look what I found near the gift shop. Beautiful!

Can you tell I love this tree? Its gorgeous!


It gets misty as we get closer to the observation deck.

This is Salish Lodge. What a view they must have. I've never stayed there, but I think Nan over at Momstheword has. Do share, Nan.

The very misty observation deck. It was like rain and I was afraid my camera was going to get too wet.

The beautiful trees as we head back to the parking lot.

The bridge back to the parking lot. Those would be my kids again.

Me and my gift shop purchases. Even the vines on the fence were beautiful. Thanks, God.

Back near the train station we see the train going by.

Wave everybody.

Some local fungi growing in the train yard. Cool looking mushrooms aren't they?

Looking at some of the old trains in the yard.

There was hot cider, coffee and crafts for kids in this old train car.

This is the train station from across the street. It is the coolest building. I love how it curves around the front. The gift shop is in there.

Another view of the curve of this cool building.

Waiting for the train.

All aboard!

Are we excited or what? I believe I was the most excited, but I know they enjoyed it.

This train is so old. It was decorated with fall decor. I just enjoyed everything about this day. I kept looking at the water stained ceiling and wondering what each little door or window was for. I think it might need a heating system for the Christmas train rides.

From the top of the falls. Salish Lodge across the way.

Spilling over.

The Snoqualmie River headed for the valley.

Mt. Si from Fall City. Cool city clock there too.

The train we rode on. Pretty cool,huh?

Bye, train. What a fun day and the weather was perfect! Thank God for each day and live it to the full.



  1. Thank you so much for sharing all those wonderful pictures! I so miss this time of year up north!

  2. Looks like you had a blast! Yes, we have stayed there and let me say it was awesome!!!! Fireplace in the room, jacuzzi bath with french doors, beautiful view...oh yeah, I'd go again in a heartbeat!

  3. How can anyone see that and not believe in God?

  4. What a beautiful day...all of your pics make me miss fall even more! Thanks for taking me along...the falls and the colors are breath taking!

  5. Oh how fun! Looks like you had a great day! The views were beautiful. I love trains, too. I would love to take a longer trip by train, but the budget hasn't allowed for that...yet ;)

    Take care my friend!
    Hope you have a great week!

  6. That looks like such an amazing day. I love the quaintness of the area. I bet it was a perfect fall day!

  7. It looks like you had a great day! I love days like that with my kids! You took some great pictures!

    Been missing you for awhile! Glad to hear from you!

  8. Great pictures. Love that tree! And my goodness, I can't believe the size of that other tree! Hope H is feeling better.

  9. Hello, hello? Is this thing on? Just kidding. However, I do miss talking to you! Don't get to talk to you on your blog, facebook, or at church lately, lol! God has you in a busy season, and I respect your priorities.

    I don't know if you're going tomorrow night but if you aren't let me know if your son needs a ride. (Unless S. is bringing H. and J. with her kids) I will have to ask my youngest if he's going.