Monday, January 18, 2010

First Birthday Party With New Friends From School

My Daughter went to her first birthday party with girlfriends she just met this year at school. The birthday girl turned fourteen. The girls all met at her house. They gave each other manicures and the dad cooked everyone burgers then they went to the skating rink. I met them at the rink to get a few pictures.

Here the girls are when I dropped H off at 3:00pm. H is on the right and the birthday girl is next to her sticking her tongue out. Sweet girls.

The skating rink was packed. I think because it was a holiday weekend and it was raining of course.

There is H and the birthday girl waving at me from the left middle of the picture. Blue top on one, blue pants on the other.

H posed for me.

Birthday girl on the left, her brother in the middle and H on the right. They're all in the same seventh grade class at school.

H and the birthday girl. I believe they had a good time. It's nice to know your kids have nice friends. It's a good feeling.


  1. you said new school? That's always rough. Good to see that she's made some friends who look very nice!

    ryc: my daughter was in the first picture on that entry...eating at Taco Bell! :)

  2. Our little Hannah girl is growing up! I'm so glad to see that both kids seem to have settled right into life in Public School! What a blessing for you! Miss you guys tons! Love you!

  3. You're so right. It is nice and a huge blessing when your kids have good friends. Be blessed. Keep building those memories.

  4. Roller skating is so fun. It is nice to know that your kids have good friends. Cute pictures.

  5. Oh, to be 14 again. Actually, you couldn't pay me to go through my teenage years again! lol

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, H's friend! They all look like they had a GREAT time!

    Love your pictures, Nannette!


  6. ryc: Dit coke is my coffee. I don't drink coffee usually, other than a random cup of high dollar stuff once in awhile as a treat with lady friends. So I have a diet coke first thing each morning instead!

  7. Aw.It's always so much fun seeing our children grow up, make friends (good ones..LOL), and have fun!!

    So glad you found my new blog home!!

    Have a great day!