Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Listen & Look

This is my hubs looking through the garbage last weekend. Why is he looking in the garbage? Did Nannette lose a diamond ear ring? Heck no, she doesn't even have diamond ear rings. Why would he look so desperately through the garbage?

Why has my son joined my hubs by the garbage can now? Why are there bags of garbage lined up on the neighbor's hedge? I bet our neighbor was wondering too.

What is my son doing, sniffing the recycle bin? No, he's listening, yes listening. You see, we kept hearing a beeping sound every time we went outside last Saturday. We went outside together to find out where the beeping was coming from. We narrowed it down to the garbage can or recycle bin.

So one by one my hubs pulled out the bags and searched for the thing that beeped. FYI: We have a garbage disposal so our garbage isn't too gooey or smelly and my hubs works in a meat production plant so he's used to gross, smelly stuff.

Guess what? We never found the thing that beeped. But when the guys headed inside I was standing by our winterized pop-up camper and I heard the beep.

It must have been something in the pop-up I thought. So my hubs listened and agreed. He went over to the cord he had unplugged back in December when he put the Christmas lights up, plugged it in and the beeping stopped.

Apparently the battery for a sensor inside the pop-up had gone dead while the camper was unplugged and the beeping was to let us know that it needs a new battery.
Mystery solved!LOL!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you enjoy what you read! Glad you discovered the beep...that would have driven me insane.

  2. A good rubbish bin scavenge builds character. I love those mysterious bips and beeps that have you in fits as to their source. We had a stop watch alarm going off (and waking me up) at about 4 am for weeks at one stage, by the time I got out to the playroom it stopped and i was never able to find it during the day... so I just set my alarm for 3:50am and sat, waiting, listening. I found it in just a few seconds when it went off and I took it into the garage and put it in the car so I wouldn't be able to hear it... and went back to bed and forgot about it... until MONTHS later I was driving Wolf to the airport for a red-eye flight... stupid stop watch!

  3. What an adventure!! Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know, I had my arise 2 write blog redone and it should load easier now if you want to give it a try.
    Blessings, andrea

  4. LOL too funny! I love to solve a good mystery!

  5. We should start calling you "Nannette the Detective", instead of "Mocha Momma".

    How's work going for you?

  6. LOL! That would have driven me crazy too! And to think, after all that....it wasn't even in the garbage! :> 0

    Glad you found the source of the beeping!


  7. Hi, Nannette.

    Ha! No fun digging through the trash for something that isn't even there! Nice that they had such a sweet attitude that they could laugh at it.

    I sent your message on to Hope. She has not been blogging since November and has deleted her blogs. I know that she misses everyone and I know we all miss her. I also know that your message will cheer her. Thanks for your sweetness.

    Happy Saturday!


  8. Now that is a really funny story, dear Nannette! Ha! Ha!

    Kat sent me a message of some comments you wrote on her blog asking about me. You are kind to think of me. I quit blogging because my husband did not like me blogging. Some days I miss it a lot it, but mostly I am okay with not blogging. (Ha! Ha! Even while I write this, part of me says that I am lying. ☺)

    Thank you for the birthday greeting you left with Kat.

    I do have my email link under my profile picture if you ever feel like emailing. ☺

    ♫Happy Sunday!♫

  9. Oh that's too funny! It's those little things in life that will drive ya crazy!

    Take care my friend!
    Hope you're having a great week!

  10. glad you found the beeping noise...would have driven me crazy!!