Monday, February 15, 2010

Check Out These Slippers

Look at these goofy things! They have a purpose & it's not to keep your feet warm.

Such style and class. How do we find such awesome things as these? And my kiddo is ready for Valentine's Day too.

Since my daughter loves to slide on our wood floors, as little as we have, I thought I'd put her efforts to work with these handy cleaning slippers.

She's been wearng them every day and I have to say they are pretty dirty, but that's cuz our floor is so dirty. Thanks, H for cleaning while you slide. You're a peach!

On another note, this is how Jack helps with chores around here. Geesh!

Oh, we've disturbed the king's beauty sleep. So sorry, your highness.

Have a great week. I love having you drop by. I love visiting you all too.


  1. Oh, I need those slippers! I need to get everyone a pair - LOL! Have you ever thought Jack the cat was the ultimate teenager?

    I'm just now regaining some balance after the last 8 weeks. We're trying to adjust, but there's a big gap in our hearts. It is always heart-warming to visit you! Have a great week,Nannette!

  2. I LOVE IT! I need to get myself a pair of those! Actually, I will get them for Kiddo, he loves to slide on our wood floor too! lol


  3. I need a pair of those slippers! And thanks for the great ideas. This week is going to be full of bubbles, giggles and fun.


  4. Very fuuny post!
    Like the slipper idea and Jack looks like he is keeping the bed warm for ya.

  5. Love those slippers! I think I need a pair (or two). :)

  6. I need to get my whole family a pair of those. I have wood floor everywhere! LOL

  7. Love the slippers! And your kitty is very cute. Mine is trying to get on the keyboard right now.