Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Celebrations 2010

My husband had these delivered to me on Friday. He remembered that I love these and we had them in our wedding. They smell awesome too.

Our good friends at the Sweetheart's Dinner. Our sons met in preschool ten years ago. Our daughters became friends and share the same birthday month and year. We've been camping together and celebrating birthdays for years with these friends.

(My daughter was at home sick with an aweful cold. She's been home for five days. Poor kid.)

Who is this guy? I've never seen him. Oh, it's my son dressed up to serve at the Sweetheart's Dinner we all went to last night.

My son and his friend who moved here with his mom from Columbia just over a year ago. He's speaking English very well now and I love to tease him and make him laugh.

My son and his buddie since preschool. Aren't they handsome? They clean up nicely don't they, LOL!

These are my girlfriend's in-laws. They plan the camping trips we all go on together.

Another happy couple at the dinner.

Here's Nan from momstheword and our pastor (oh, yes he's her husband as well).

Here's Nan's mom with Nan's two sons. Cute! I missed the photo op when she kissed each of them on the cheek. Sweet!

My son and Nan's youngest. They've been buds since middle school I think.

Having some fun.

Okay, this young man rarely wears long pants. Whenever I see him he's wearing shorts, no matter how cold it is. I had to take a picture.

You may be wondering why there isn't a picture of my hubs and me. Well we had our picture taken there by the youth and when I got it at the end of the night we both just cracked up. It's not the best picture of us. Sorry, I won't be posting it and I didn't have anyone take a picture with our camera. I really need to work on that.

We've had a fun Valentine's weekend so far and we have two more days off, yippee!!

Remember that God loves us and sent us His Son. What better reason to celebrate love than that?


  1. Beautiful flowers! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  2. Hi, Nannette~

    What BEAUTIFUL flowers! I loved your post and pictures. Such handsome young men they are. Everyone looks like they enjoyed themselves very much.