Sunday, June 20, 2010

30 Hour Famine 2010

This is the sign board in front of our church. It is calling attention to how many children die of starvation each hour around the world. Our youth to young adult group participated in the 30 Hour Famine April 23 to 24, 2010. This event is sponsored by World Vision.

The committee had a lot of things to prepare for this event to be successful and memorable for the participants.

They made 1208 little orange crosses and some big signs to bring attention to the fact of starvation. They placed them in the grass in front of our church. It was effective because people were coming into the church to donate money before the Famine event even began.

These little crosses are what got to me. When they took their stand in our church lawn I began to get a feeling for how many kids are starving to death and how much money it may take to help just part of that group.

Each link in the orange chain represents a $1.00 donation. It was hung on the wall of the sanctuary so the church members and attenders could see how much money was being donated.

There were about 30 kids & adults who participated. The participants were divided into tribes (teams). They played difficult games to compete for who would get to eat first after the 30 hour fast.

This poster represents the tribe my son was in. It shows the games and their scores. They wore facepaint and a scrap of material on their head, leg or around their neck to identify them.

During the games they had different afflictions and they had to participate with that affliction. Some wore a back pack with up to 28 pounds in it, some were blind, and some had broken limbs. I think my son had a backpack with about 20 pounds in it.

This is the poster describing everything about the real tribe in Africa.

This event not only helped these young people get a glimpse of the reality of hunger and people dieing of starvation, it also brought many of them so much closer as friends. I think they learned more about trust and true friendship while they raised money for starving kids.

The first tribe to be able to eat. These young people were seriously hungry. They hurt, they were feeling very weak, they missed their technology & their beds, they were very tired because the segment when they were suppose to get some sleep, was a mock earthquake and they lost everything they owned except the clothes on their backs. It was a cold night in the church & the floors were hard with no blankets or pillows.

Ms Jenny is giving back their technology and car keys as they come to her at the end of the table. Jenny was very hungry and tired too as you can see in this picture. She & her husband (the guy in the white shirt here) stayed with these kids and ran all of the activities for the entire event which was 24 hours. They all began their fast at noon on Friday & the event began at 6:00pm Friday and ended Saturday at 6:00pm.

This says it all. I think the whole group went through in 10 minutes or less.

My son dives into his meal. Don't get between him & that plate. I am so proud oh him for doing this. He is only 14, one of the younger ones of the group and I know his heart was changed. I am proud of all of them. They shared heart touching stories in church that Sunday and Jenny & Mike shared as well. This group of 30 or so kids who expected to raise maybe $300.00 raised (DRUM ROLL)
OVER $3000.00!!!! We were all so excited by the grace of God. Humbled by the dedication of these young people.

Changed Hearts! Changed Lives! Praise God!


  1. This post made me cry. Those crosses really bring it the number home.

    That was such a great idea. WTG kids!


  2. Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

  3. Wow! This is a powerful post!!! What a wonderful thing those young children did - speaks volumes!

  4. That is fabulous Nanette. When I was in College my church did this with our youth group and it really touched home knowing that there are starving children. I think it is a great thing what they kids did...blessings to them and you. Take care