Friday, June 25, 2010

The Floor Project 2010

Back in May, my SIL moved back home with her mom. She gave us her livingroom furniture. I thought out loud, "Well it won't look good with this old, nasty carpet. We're going to have to do something with the floor now."

I said that in front of my, "I'll fix it. I'll take care of that for ya" husband and out went the old couches before I got home from work one Monday & here sat parts of the new stuff in pieces all bagged up on our floor.

Next day, MIL, SIL, hubby & kids tore out carpet and tack strip. I was at work so no pix of the whole crew at work.

What a man!! Be careful what ya say in front of Gary or he'll take care of business. I do love that about him as long as it is my idea, LOL!

That carpet was installed while I was pregnant with my son who will be fifteen next week. The paint as well. We are overdue.

Well actually here he is, he was born on time fifteen years ago. The refinishing is overdue. Just thought I'd clear that up. He has worked hard alongside his dad pulling out nails & staples and you name it.

Eventually the stuff had to go outside and the sun finally came out the day we moved most of our stuff onto the deck. It's covered cuz we're sure it'll rain at least once during this project.

Scraping old, sticky doublesided carpet tape & sanding.

Still finding nails & staples to pull.

So today at 0630 this guy comes in with this machine and sands for hours. Actually he works where my hubs works and he used to be a contractor. His name is Steve.

Look at that beautiful Oak floor! We never knew how nice it looked until today. It has a lot of character and we like it that way. We're very pleased with how things are going.

Apparently we've only just begun. Tomorrow & Sunday, Steve will return for more sanding. The first & second & third coats of Daly's Floorfin. If all goes well, the painter will be here next Wednesday. I'm excited to see the transformation.

To old things that can be made almost new again. Thanks be to God for family, friends and hard workers.


  1. Your floors are going to be beautiful...they are looking great already! Can't wait to see the finished procduct! And congrats on your increase in hours for the next school are brave to be in the lunch room!

  2. Wow look at those floors. Just a tad jealous. Those are looking grea.t i love hard wood floors.

  3. What a huge project! Your floors will be wonderful.

    Be sure to show off the finshed project!