Monday, February 22, 2010

A Beautiful Day To Be Out

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous as was Saturday. But Sunday our family was together at the beach. Saturday our family was doing math together and cleaning house.

This beach is on the bay so it is very rocky which provides hiding places for lots of sea critters. So we went exploring. Join us on our fun beach walk.

It was so clear we could see the mountains in the distance. On most winter days we wouldn't be able to see anything but gray. Isn't it just breathtaking? I love where I live.

I don't know if you can see it very well, but this is an underground spring bubbling up on the beach. The tide was very low so we could see things that would normally be under water.

My son looking for critters under the rocks.

My daughter found lots of clam shells. The shellfish are not edible this time of year because of some kind of toxin so no one was digging for clams.

Look at this precious little creation. I hope he grows up to be a big crab. I don't eat the crab from here, but I know people who do. This one needs to be much bigger.

Now this one is so tiny you can hardly see it. Do you see the nice burn on my hubs' right palm? Yes, that happened at work a couple of weeks ago. He went to the emergency room at the end of his shift that night. It has healed very nicely. He only missed one day of work.

My daughter found this cute little star fish. He was alive. At first we thought he was dead, but he suctioned onto that clam shell for his little life.

My hubs walking along. Notice when people go to the beach they walk along looking down the whole time. Partly for safety so they don't trip or slip and partly to look for sea critters. I had to stop and make sure we had some pictures with our faces in them.

Looking, looking, always looking...

Looking at the camera & the sun was so bright and beautiful. No complaints here. Great day at the beach.

Finally a picture of me & my hubs together.

There were so many people with their dogs today it was fun to see them all out exploring & going in the water which I'm sure was very cold. There are four dogs with these people. Three little ones and a big one.

Some sea weed clinging to it's rock waiting for the tide to come back in. It's so delicate and cute.

Looking back at the beach access point.

Looking at the nice homes on the hill. Wew! Some of them are quite elaborate. The one on the right had three terraced areas going up to it. I'm sure it was to protect the land from erosion, but it provides some nice areas for planting or whatever one would want to put there. Lawn chairs would be nice there.

More little crabs. They're so cute.

Climbing on the seawall.

Another view across the water.

So clear we could see lots of airplanes and jet streams.

And here's my picture of the day.Mr. or Miss Bald Eagle with the moon up high. YES!!! I've tried for so long to get a good picture of an Eagle. I love this. This is so representative of this area and it's our school mascot where I work.

After the beach we took a short side trip over to the brand new school that just opened for students on February 17, 2010. The students moved to a temporary location about a year ago while the old building was torn down and this new one built. I was hoping to get a job here, but it hasn't happened yet. It's quite a bit closer to us than the current school I work at. I do really like where I'm working though and who knows, maybe something with more hours will open up there.

Near the main entrance.

The front that faces the street. I haven't seen the inside yet so I can't say what I think about it.

Well, it certainly was a very nice weekend. Back to work & school. Oh, on another hubs and my daughter have this awful cough that has persisted for over two weeks so far. My daughter has missed four days of school this month. Last night they both coughed into the wee hours and of course I didn't get much sleep either. They went to the Dr. this morning and got cough medicine with Codeine for the nights.

Please pray for healing for them and protection for my son & I. I already had it back in November through January. The Dr. says it can last up to six weeks. I didn't have such a bad case of coughing, but it sure lasted 5 or 6 weeks. Thanks.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Turkey Dinner in February

No, this isn't our Thanksgiving dinner.

My hubs spent his President's Holiday vacation cooking a turkey dinner for us. I'd been wanting turkey for a month or so and he made my dream come true.

Here's the whole meal on the table. You like our turkey platter? HA!

I couldn't fit the mashed potatoes in the first shot. Gotta have those mashed potatoes in there.

Munching while waiting for dad to clean up a little in the kitchen.

Waiting patiently.

Oh Ya! I ate it all too. YUM-MIE!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Friends Are A Gift From God

"A Friend is one who knows all about you
and loves you just the same"

My sweet friend in the purple top & black vest
gave me a bookmark with that quote on it.

Thank you, God for friends who love me
even after they get to know me.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Check Out These Slippers

Look at these goofy things! They have a purpose & it's not to keep your feet warm.

Such style and class. How do we find such awesome things as these? And my kiddo is ready for Valentine's Day too.

Since my daughter loves to slide on our wood floors, as little as we have, I thought I'd put her efforts to work with these handy cleaning slippers.

She's been wearng them every day and I have to say they are pretty dirty, but that's cuz our floor is so dirty. Thanks, H for cleaning while you slide. You're a peach!

On another note, this is how Jack helps with chores around here. Geesh!

Oh, we've disturbed the king's beauty sleep. So sorry, your highness.

Have a great week. I love having you drop by. I love visiting you all too.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Celebrations 2010

My husband had these delivered to me on Friday. He remembered that I love these and we had them in our wedding. They smell awesome too.

Our good friends at the Sweetheart's Dinner. Our sons met in preschool ten years ago. Our daughters became friends and share the same birthday month and year. We've been camping together and celebrating birthdays for years with these friends.

(My daughter was at home sick with an aweful cold. She's been home for five days. Poor kid.)

Who is this guy? I've never seen him. Oh, it's my son dressed up to serve at the Sweetheart's Dinner we all went to last night.

My son and his friend who moved here with his mom from Columbia just over a year ago. He's speaking English very well now and I love to tease him and make him laugh.

My son and his buddie since preschool. Aren't they handsome? They clean up nicely don't they, LOL!

These are my girlfriend's in-laws. They plan the camping trips we all go on together.

Another happy couple at the dinner.

Here's Nan from momstheword and our pastor (oh, yes he's her husband as well).

Here's Nan's mom with Nan's two sons. Cute! I missed the photo op when she kissed each of them on the cheek. Sweet!

My son and Nan's youngest. They've been buds since middle school I think.

Having some fun.

Okay, this young man rarely wears long pants. Whenever I see him he's wearing shorts, no matter how cold it is. I had to take a picture.

You may be wondering why there isn't a picture of my hubs and me. Well we had our picture taken there by the youth and when I got it at the end of the night we both just cracked up. It's not the best picture of us. Sorry, I won't be posting it and I didn't have anyone take a picture with our camera. I really need to work on that.

We've had a fun Valentine's weekend so far and we have two more days off, yippee!!

Remember that God loves us and sent us His Son. What better reason to celebrate love than that?