Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Internet Has Consumed Me

For someone who doesn't know much about computer use I sure spend a lot of time on mine.Those computer goo roos knew what they were doing when they made it so easy almost anyone could use one to a certain degree.

My parents (in their 80's) refuse to even consider using one. Our kids wonder how people could possibly live without using one. My husband builds them from old parts, updates, downloads, fixes, cleans and magically gets me out of most jams I get myself into. At least I think it's a jam. To him it's really nothing out of the ordinary.

I e-mail, play silly games & chat with friends & look at their mobile uploads all day long. I feel like I'm in touch and a part of something. I know of people who are homebound and on oxygen and the computer is their window to the world. I know I'd be on the computer all day if I was homebound. I am sort of homebound most of the day because I homeschool our kids and the computer helps me get away for a bit now and then throughout the day.

How did I ever find time for this when I don't have time for other things? I don't want to answer that on the grounds that it may incriminate me. Honestly, I like it and have squeezed it into my day quite comfortably.

So what happened next? I started a blog. Am I crazy? Well I actually enjoy the writing and it's an opportunity to share my stories uninterrupted. Did I say that out loud? Well it's true, how often do you get to tell a story or express your opinion without being interrupted? I won't know if you don't finish reading my story either. So it's all good. Your comments are appreciated and if you become a follower that actually reads my stuff,that is awesome.

As much as I may feel like a computer widow at times, I can understand the fascination with all that a computer can do. What did we ever do without them? (Don't answer that). When the power goes out, my husband will put one computer on the generator. We've got our priorities straight (Ha ha).

I hope this does something for you because it just gave me therapy. Thanks for reading.


  1. Much cheaper than therapy! Plus your hubby can keep your computer together for you! (And mine too if necessary, lol!). We know who to call.....

  2. I always want to call you Mocha Monday.....

  3. Oh yes, the computer IS MY THERAPY too! =0)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'll tell ya the best way to get followers is to be many. The more contact you make with other bloggers, the more they'll come to visit! We all love comments. =0) They never get old. Welcome to the blogworld!

  4. Hi! Nan sent some of us over from her blog. She is such a sweetie.

    I look forward to knowing you better. I became a follower and I hope you'll come over and visit me too.

    Many blessings! Enjoy this world of blogging!

  5. Hi Nannette! Thanks re: my weight loss. I still have 30 pounds to go and I've been stuck here for quite some time. Sigh. Very frustrating. Of course, if I'd quit eating chocolate, I might actually start losing again (ha).

    Have a blessed night and thanks for vising me.

  6. Thank you. I missed you all today too. Like I said on facebook I have laryngitis. Having trouble making my mom understand me. She can't hear well anyway, as you know, and I can't speak up, lol!

    Thanks for keeping my kid yesterday!!!!

    I am just going to slowly work at cleaning her. Little by little. The inhaler is helping with my asthma, praise the Lord, but I still feel tired....

    BTW what Erica said is true. Find blogs you like and leave comments. The more you comment on their blogs day after day, the more they'll visit and you'll establish a friendship and a readership. I've made some great friends on here.

  7. Aww, you are so sweet, thank you! The birthday girl is actually my niece, but same age as my daughter, and they look alike and almost same names {Emily is my little girl} ha ha!

    The computer totally consumes me, and I hate that it does sometimes, but, yes, I've made some fun friendships through my blog, which really surprised me...I wasn't expecting to do that with my blog, it was just for family to follow and catch up! But I'm loving it...and so nice to meet you!

  8. What widget do you mean that you haven't added yet?

    You can experiment on your layout. You can add text on you sidebar (like I have my daily cleaning list on there on my right) or add favorite blogs links (like I have on my left side bar) and all sorts of stuff. Just call me if you want me to walk you thru something.

    Yeah, I'm sorry I missed her!