Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Many a Little Makes a Mickle

I was going to name this "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine", but when I looked it up it didn't quite fit what I want to share. Many a little makes a mickle fits better because a stitch in time saves nine has to do with patching holes in cloth before they get bigger, but the mickle one means "many small amounts accumulate to make a large amount". It comes from Scotland and the original word was actually muckle.

All that to say I admire women who can do needle work (quilting included), especially when they are hanging out or watching T.V. I think it's amazing that they can concentrate on the counting, thread strands needed, colors of thread, number of stitches, etc. I don't even have that patience and concentration. God bless them especially when I am the receiver of such fine pieces of art.

I have several framed works, some works made into pillows, of course the quilt my mom made for our wedding gift (thanks mom) and pieces that I've inherited. My grandmother knitted, crocheted, did cross stitch and even a little sewing. She did her part in teaching me how to crochet and knit, but it just didn't stick.

I look at the collection I have out (much of it is tucked away in my hope chest) and I think, "What will I do with it all when I redecorate some day?" I don't think it'll all fit in with the new look I'd like to have and I don't want to store it away in boxes in the attic. I thought of sewing them together, but I don't think that'll look too good. Then I thought of some kind of keepsake book for the smaller pieces. Maybe it'll end up being a combination of these, but I do want to keep every piece I have. Each means so much to me because they were handmade with love by someone in my life now or in the past.

Have I placed too much value or sentiment on these precious things? What will my loved ones do with them when I'm gone some day? At this point I guess it doesn't matter, I'm still here and the beloved handmade gifts I was given are still here so I think I'll enjoy them awhile longer.
God bless all of you who use your hands to painstakenly, one stitch at a time make a mickle and thanks for sharing them with me.


  1. I have never heard this saying before, but it's cute!

    I don't do the needlework either, but admire people who do. They have a lot of patience to just sit there and do it.

  2. Oh ya, I'd never heard that saying before either. I looked up "a stitch in time..." & that one showed up too so I used it instead.

  3. Yeah you are totally an ADD cleaner. Your house is always clean.....I don't know how you do it girl!

  4. Daily stuff I can stay on top of with help from everyone, but the deep cleaning I don't like to do & that's when I get ADD. Glad you think my house is clean.