Thursday, May 7, 2009

You're Only as Old as You Feel

After being a stay at home mom (SAHM) for 13 years and homeschooling our two children I am looking for work with the elderly again or in the school system. I had worked in a nursing home as an Activities Assistant for four years before I became a SAHM.

Thinking back on my employment at the nursing home, I remembered some days when residents would say how old they were or how they realized they were "really old now". I, in my 30's, would respond with, "You're only as old as you feel." I thought I was so wise & that this would cheer them up. Basically it shut them up. In retrospect I think, "What was I thinking?"

These elderly people were the wise ones. They had lived decades & had wisdom beyond my understanding. I imagine instead of going on to tell me what made them feel old, they, the wise ones, quietly sat & let me chatter on about the weather or whatever. Wise ones do a lot of listening, observing, reflecting and evaluating. That must be how they become so wise.

Well now that I'm closer to 100 than I was 15 years ago I am beginning to experience what it's like to feel "old". I know that I am too young to feel old and that all of these thoughts & feelings, aches & pains are just the tip of the iceburg. I almost feel unqualified to even begin talking about it. Being old & wise is something you earn & people respect you for your wisdom (well they used to) . People listen to your stories and want to hear more because it's all about how to live & heritage & legacies & history. Good stuff.

At this stage of "old" it seems like half the population (kids, teens & my husband ) will not listen to me, my eyes are getting worse by the week (I am in denial though & only wear glasses as needed-Ha ha), I can't hear a lot of things, I don't understand"the music these days" (like my folks used to say), the clothing available in stores for the young & restless is ridiculous, just about every part of my body hurts at one time or another & sometimes more parts at one time than at others, and on and on get the picture.

So what have I learned & why am I sharing this story? Let me think...maybe I should do more listening, observing, reflecting and evaluating? A good start, but mostly I know that I am only here on earth for a given amount of time. Earth isn't my permanent home, heaven is. In addition I have seen how others "live each day to it's fullest" & that is a goal I would like to attain. Then of course there's always exercise & eating healthy (there, I said it & it hurt).

It's been fun writing my first post. I plan to write as often as possible. Maybe I'll say something wise or interesting or encouraging that will lift your spirits for the day. That is what I really want to do & it does feel good to write again.


  1. Oh I'm glad you're going to write as often as you can. This was a beautiful, thoughtful post! I loved what you said here "Wise ones do a lot of listening, observing, reflecting and evaluating. That must be how they become so wise."

    Amen, sister. This earth is not our home!! Good thing because sometimes my body feels like it's falling apart, lol! Like, my feet really hurt alot tonight. Gee, wonder why, hehehe!

  2. Gee thanks! I do enjoy writing, I just haven't taken the time for so many years. You're only as old as you feel(Tee hee). Later.

  3. Nannette,

    You are a wise woman and I am so glad that you will be sharing your pearls of wisdom with us. I love you and I am blessed to call you friend!

    Your Sister-from-a-different-Mister

  4. Welcome to blogland! Thanks for sharing your insight to us newbies in the world of mom-hood!