Wednesday, May 12, 2010

H Gets A New Haircut

H is doing a Wax Museum part as a book report. Her whole class is doing this. She wants to be Princess Dianna. So she got the idea to get her haircut as close to Lady Di's as possible for the part.

My friend who cuts our hair for us thought it was a brave move for a seventh grader. I agree. H is going out on a limb here.

A month ago you saw her at her Karaoke birthday party with long hair.

And last Wednesday she took the leap and got her haircut. She loves it and most people have made positive comments. She hasn't had short hair since she was little and she claimed she didn't like it then, but she likes it now.

Watch out Wax Museum, here comes "Lady Di". I wish I could be at her school that day.


  1. That is so cool. She is really getting into the part and her assignment. Very brave...I love short hair. Think it looks great.

  2. Way to go H!
    Mom, it makes her look older, :(
    Your little girl is growing up.
    But what a great smile!!

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL young lady! I love the new do!


  4. Looks cute! And she looks older!

  5. H did very well on this Wax Museum assignment. I actually took a chance on my lunch break and drove all the way there, took a few pictures, saw a few of the other students do their parts & flew back to work. I was a few minutes late for recess, but it was worth it to me to see H.

    She wore a beautiful dress we found at the Good Will for $14.00, some pretty pumps with just blue straps, & her friends helped her with her hair & make up. She looked smashing!!