Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Floors and Painting Are Finished...Yay!

Remember this?

Now it looks like this!! Isn't it just awesome? God makes some nice wood doesn't He? Ya baby!

While the floors were being refinished we ate a few meals in the back yard. I actually cooked two breakfasts. I don't do breakfasts very often so it was a special event when I cooked two days in a row. I have to say, it was good.

We also stayed in the back rooms or kitchen or out of the house while this process of floor refinishing was going on. Jack, our cat, basically lived in our bedroom. He was getting pretty fed up with it all. We let him out between coats of FloorFin whenever the floors were dry enough to walk on.

Now when the floor was finished & the painter showed up Jack was very curious. He kept an eye on that guy. Wondering what he was up to.

Jack watched for quite a while while A painted.

And he watched some more. Finally Jack was getting too close to the freshly painted walls & we had to put him back in our bedroom. Poor Jack. A really liked him too.

As well as many other things my hubs installed the base board. At first I was apprehensive because in the past, I'll just say, the work was less than what I had hoped for. Well he did a very good job this time and A followed him with caulking & sealed the top & covered nails. It looks very nice. I am smiling.

Nice eh!

A 52 year old floor uncovered after many years of abuse and carpet covering it.

For not really fixing any walls other than minor patching and covering up our old house turned out pretty nice.

It's me, Mocha Momma, very pleased and right before the 4th of July too. Now to bring in the old furniture and then the newer furniture.

We were anxious to bring the furniture in off of the deck and get everything back in order so we could relax and enjoy the Independence Day festivities.

But it had poured rain the entire day on July 2nd and when we pulled off the tarp there was our old furniture sitting in water on the tarp. Big oops! Shouldn't have put tarp under it or should have made sure the top tarp was tucked under the bottom one.

We spent a lot of time with a heat gun drying pieces so we could put the pads on the feet and set them in place.

The entertainment center, the piece we wanted to set up the most so we could get all the electronics back into it, was soaked about an inch and 1/2 to 2 inches.

This is the bottom of the back. Ugh!

And this is the oldest piece we have that came with the house. It has the most damage. It's a Secretary's Desk. It had some broken parts, but it had never been refinished so apparently it has more value that way. As it dried one of the claw feet cracked & part of it fell off.

This side is warped, cracking and the finish is gone now. We let it dry and then brought it in and put it back in service. Not much else to do unless we take the time and money to get her fixed. So much to do, so little money.

The whole project went very smoothly until the rain soaked things, but it's all okay. We're still very pleased and we even had some old friends over for the 4th. As always, God is good and shows us what's important.

I hope your Fourth of July was fun and festive. Hopefully I'll be back soon with more fun stuff we've been doing. God bless you all.


  1. House looks Great, Good to see you back :)I sent you an invite to jacobs blog

  2. Everything looks great Nannette! And I love that picture of you sitting in the middle of the finished floor!

  3. Thanks rockangel! See you Sunday.

  4. BEAUTIFUL! You guys did an AWESOME job!