Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dream Center May 2010

We learned about the Dream Center when the youth group participated in the lunch making program during their Thirty Hour Famine (THF) weekend back in April. The organizer of the THF expressed her desire to have the youth and anyone else interested go once a month and help make lunches and pass them out. So we decided to go. This is our first month, but we've gone three times now.

Here's my son in his hairnet wrapping a bagel.

This is my daughter in hairnet as well.

My hubs on the right. No hairnet needed, ha!

Nan's kid on the left. A great friend on the right.

The fearless leader on the left and her cohort.

Nan from momstheword. Check out her blog. My son again.

My hubs and daughter.

Eating the extra sandwiches.

Then we played a fun game which had everyone laughing. I can't remember the name, but you move one seat to the left if you answer Ms Jenny's question with a yes. It's clear to see you end up sitting on laps and Ms Jenny tries to get people stacked 6 or 7 high. Oh ya, it's called "Stack 'Em". Enjoy seeing Nan sitting on people and people sitting on me.

Some how my son managed to continue drinking his soda throughout the game.

After the game it was time to load up the lunches and seek the hungry and homeless. We went to a hotel each time. The people there either live there day to day or week to week or depend on someone to pay for their stay in hopes that they'll find a way to get a place of their own.

The Dream Center helps them with training, getting showers, clothing and other meals throughout the week. They are on my prayer list. Great people making a difference in the world and some of them were homeless at one time. God bless the volunteers and those they help.


  1. Just dropping in to let you know I have an update on amden on arise 2 write. Hope you have had an awesome summer.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. My two oldest boys were just at the Dream Center in Los Angeles this past week. Quite an experience. Good for your family jumping in and helping out with such a great ministry!

  3. Great pictures! So much fun to look at them all.

    This is such a great experience, and everyone always seems to enjoy it so much. Of course, I have missed the last couple of ones because of my back. It's just too hard to stand around for that long and then go out and deliver the sandwiches. Maybe this next time I'll be up to it.