Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Relatives Came To Town

Recently my SIL moved back here to stay with her mom. Her two sons and a girlfriend of one helped her to drive out here from Indiana. Long road trip, but they made it all in one piece. We got to spend three hours with them while they were all here & we had a good time eating, celebrating a graduation from college and playing Rock Band 2.

My MIL and my SIL from Indiana.

My oldest nephew and his girlfriend.

My youngest nephew connecting with his new home in Alaska.

My BIL who hosted this event. He BBQd Salmon and corn on the cob & they had a wonderful salad. It was delicious.

My hubs with his little sister.

My hub's older brother and his friend.

My kids and my nephew playing some Rock Band 2.

My SIL, who also hosted this event, singing with my daughter and my nephew.

My son.

The weather was so beautiful that one week in May. We were able to eat outside on their very nice deck and sit out there a while & visit.

Back in for some more Rock Band 2.

Here are some of the women in the family with me. Two SIL's & me standing and my nephew's girlfriend in front.

My SIL and my daughter singing together.

My oldest nephew and my son.

As you can see by the smiles on our faces we had a great time.

Good food + good company = good times!!


  1. Love the photos BUT You hubs older brother looks like a deer looking into head lights LOL :D

  2. How fun! Looks like you all had a GREAT visit!

  3. Good memories for the kids (and adults, too!)

  4. There is nothing more wonderful than family hanging out, having fun, building memories!Looks like you had it all!

  5. I tried playing Rock Band over at Linda's house one time. I played the drums and it kept freaking me out, lol! Not to mention I think it started to give me a headache.

    We will have to go out for a coke sometime soon before you head back to work. Seems like we haven't chatted in ages!

  6. Thanks for letting me drop off my kid the other day! I'm sure they had a great time!

  7. You guys look like you had a blast! Great pictures. I love the one of them wearing the sunglasses....too funny! :> )