Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crazy Things That Happened As A Kid

Some weird things happen to us as kids. I'm sure you'll all have some to share. Feel free to share them as comments. I'll post them which will make this post more interesting.

I remember having Whooping Cough as we drove all the way to Ohio to visit relatives. I hacked and gasped and, you know the rest, for several days (or it seemed). My parents thought I was either car sick or being a brat and trying to get attention. Don't know why they would think that of me. Sweet little ole me!
I was known to be a "cry baby" as a little kid

I do remember Yellowstone Park and losing my lunch in one of those beautiful, hot, blue pools. Ah, the memories. I'd like to go back to Yellowstone some day and actually enjoy it.

Somewhere on the way we went to a doctor and I got a shot in the gluteous maximus which helped me feel better
right away.

BTW a note on Whooping Cough (I think it's called Pertussis): our pharmacy has a brochure advising adults to get a booster now because it is on the up-rise and it is so bad for babies to get pertussis. Check with your doctor to see if you should get a booster.

I also remember having Mumps on one side only. That looked hilarious. It was uncomfortable, but funny looking. I remember looking in the mirror a lot to see what it looked like.

The next thing was scraping my knee up pretty badly. I think I was like seven and my friend and I thought it would be fun to have her sit up on my shoulders.

She was smaller than I, but it still wasn't a good idea we discovered after I tripped, she tumbled down the driveway and I drove my right knee into the pavement.

I still don't know how she only got a little scrape on her cheek and no other injuries. I would have thought she would have had a broken wrist or arm or something.

I got five stitches. I don't think the Dr was very good at stitching knees because I have a thick white scar there. It's not so bad now, but at first it was really thick.

Next thing I did was cut my lower lip open. I was playing tag in slippery shoes in the school basement and I slid into a "safe" place which was the bench attached to the wall. I slipped before I got there and hit my head and bit my lip. Sheesh!

This time I got ten stitches. I had a fat lip for quite a while, but only I notice now. I am about nine in this picture. I can see that my lower lip is fat on one side. Don't know if anyone else can see it.

This one happened in junior high. Remember when there were paper boys/girls? There used to be paper boxes and the papers were delivered there bundled with a wire loop. The paper kids would come and pick up their papers, removing the wire loop so they could fold their papers before they went out on their route.

Well, one morning I was walking to school with a friend and I stepped in one of those loops and my other foot caught the loop too and down I went. I ripped my jeans, scraped my knee and bruised my hip area.
I was late to school and falling down was not an excusable event so I had a tardy on my record. That was devastating to me. TARDY! I was not happy.

The summer after ninth grade I was chasing my brother who had just aggravated me in front of my boyfriend. He ran across two yards (no fences then) and got away when I tripped on the neighbors dog chain.

I got some nice cuts across the top of my foot from that chain. How humiliating! I had to walk back to my yard to my boyfriend and act like I was fine. I wanted to cry it hurt so bad and the humiliation...my brother had won AGAIN!!

In high school one summer I was riding bikes with my boyfriend on a new trail by the bay. We were cruising along talking and laughing. I looked over at him and as I turned my head back I hit a pole.

Somehow I got my right arm up in front of my face in time and next thing I knew I was sitting on the ground facing the pole I had just hit. I guess I didn't flip because I don't think I would have landed facing the pole. I must have just left my bike in mid air turning to the side and landing on my bum.

I just had a sore arm. I was amazed and wondering why there was a pole in the middle of the bike path. Still wondering.

Same day within ten minutes as I crossed the railroad tracks I fell. I couldn't believe it. This time I cut my knee pretty bad, but didn't go for stitches.

I won't mention getting hit in the eye and later the throat with a softball. Maybe I wasn't meant to do any activities that required skill.

I think I'll leave it at that before I bore you to tears. I'll just say, God knew what I could handle, which wasn't much (I'm rather a wimp) and He kept me alive through other events in my life because He had a job or two for me to do.

Here I am to say I'm doing my best to serve Him because He went through unimaginable pain and agony so I could be forgiven just for the asking and be able to sit here today and write these funny stories.


  1. You had one adventurous childhood. you got hurt alot! Your angels must have been on duty double time! :)

  2. It is a wonder you guys are still alive! Yes, we too had many adventures....too many to list!

  3. O.k., ow!!!!

    Whooping cough is awful. Do you remember when my oldest had whooping cough? He is allergic to pertussis so they couldn't finish out the shots. He coughed and threw up everytime he coughed, poor kid.

    I had some bumps and bruises too. I remember falling off my bike and the bike landed on me. Not fun.

  4. I think you might of had a rough life.All I ever got was #1.Fell off couch arm and broke left collar bone age 4 years,#2.Sister knocked front teeth out with book age 3 years,#3.Rat ate whole side of right cheek age 3 years,#4.Motorcycle wreck whick tore right knee up and broke right collar bone age 15 years,Truck wreck where I ate dash and windshield age 15 years.I do believe that is all that has happened to me.

  5. Wow...I have never had one stitch. Thank God, but have had my share of bumps and bruises along the way. Sounds like you did too! :) Great pictures. Funny the things we remember and forget about our childhood.

  6. Hi Nannette!

    I burst out with laughter on the hitting the pole story…poor girl.

    This was fun. I had 6 stitches in my inner thigh when I was 6 because when playing on a car, I slid down the front of it and got cut on the license plate.

    I also got a huge gash on my forehead the same year.

    I have a large 1½ -inch zigzag scar on one knee where I fell on top of a large glass milk container when I was younger than 6…not sure how old. It bled really badly, but I did not have stitches.

    However, thankfully I have never broken any bones…other than a toe when I was a baby and too young for anyone to know that it was broken…so I have a crooked toe.

    Enough of this!

    Have a good day.


  7. WOW, it makes me afraid to line up my childhood dramatics like that. You reminded me of so many of my own accidents. Never had stitches but ceratinly got my fair share of the drama. God saw me through it too.