Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Mom Is Coming Along

In case you just stopped in for the first time, my mom had back surgery two days ago. She is still in the hospital. She has to be medically well before she gets released. Meaning she has to be passing fluid, have the drain removed, and her blood work has to come back with good results.

She will probably be released tomorrow (August 7th) to a rehab facility. Now, she is not happy about rehab, but for her own safety she needs more physical therapy. Her face just went sad when they told her she needed to go to rehab. They had forewarned her so she wasn't shocked, but just sad that things aren't going as she had planned.

It's good to have a goal, but there are steps to take and hoops to jump through to meet that goal. She'll just readjust the goal now.

I think she would have done a little better if the pain meds hadn't made her so drowsy. She's coherant, but she keeps dozing off. I got her a cup of coffee at the canteen and she kept dozing off and the cup would tip. Thank goodness it had a lid on it.

I may inquire about the pain meds and see if there is anything that will be effective and not cause the drowziness.

Thank you all for your prayers. Please continue. Tomorow could be a long and stressful day for all of us as we transfer her to rehab.


  1. I am glad to hear she is doing ok for now. I will continue to pray as she goes into rehab. For her and for you too.

  2. I know how close you are to your family and that is so great. It must be hard to see your Mom in pain.
    Yes, I will (am) praying for all of you.
    You are a great daughter.
    Bless you and your cute family!

  3. Keeping her in My Prayers :)

  4. It's tough when our moms are down. My mom said she'd go through brain surgery again in a heartbeat, but would never have the abdonimal surgery for cancer again. I'll be praying for you! I guess we're tweens now, too--in between taking care of parents and kids! Thanks for your sweet comment on my post about my mom and health care. They should probably put us in charge of it! LOL

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll be praying for you and your mother.

  6. Nannette,

    I am sorry your mom will go to rehab but I know that God is protecting and looking out for her and that with everyone's prayers will bring her quickly home.

    Please make sure you stop by today to collect the True Heart award.


  7. Can they dial back the pain meds? I would never want her to be feeling pain but is the dose too high for her body type? I know after my first C-Section they were making me feel horrible, I just wanted to vomit constantly. They lowered my dose because I am smallish and the dosage is based on people weighing at least 20% more than me. I felt better so fast but it still managed the pain. She explained it that I was effectivly getting a mild overdose type reaction. Praying for both of you!

  8. Well, she is doing great. I will keep her in my prayers.

  9. So glad to hear she is doing well.
    Will be keeping her in my prayers

  10. Dear Nannette,
    I am sad for your, even I feel tired just thinking about it!
    I will pray for her today.

  11. My grandparents have been through similar. I'll be praying for your mom AND FOR YOU!

  12. I am so glad your mom is doing better. :)