Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Four Things About Me That Begin With A "B"

This is a random post I'm writing to save for a day when I'm tired or too busy. It looks like today is one of those days. So here are four things about me that begin with a "B". That just came to mind, not sure where it came from. If these are someone elses words, please forgive me, I didn't mean to steal them.

#1 My favorite sport is basketball. I played on a team for a couple years during ninth and tenth grade. I played the position of Forward and sometimes Center. I was not, and still am not, aggressive so I spent a lot of time on the bench. I quit and enjoyed watching our boys basketball team play twice a week. I always wanted basketball season to last longer. I couldn't wait for Tuesday nights and then Friday nights because those were game nights. We had a good team.

#2 I like the color brown with almost any color. I used to not care much for brown. The color brown was for shoes and purses and maybe pants. But now I think brown looks good on anyone and with just about every color. Maybe because chocolate is brown! I love chocolate.

#3 I like baking. I don't do very much baking these days, but when I take the time I love to bake cookies, brownies, lemon bars, casseroles, and quick breads. I usually use boxed mixes now days and rarely make quick breads. My mom taught me how to make pies and cinnamon rolls, bread and scratch cakes, but I just haven't done it since I was a teen.

#4 I was baptized shortly after I became a Christian in 1988 at the age of thirty. I was in the Navy and stationed in the Philippines. I accepted the Lord as my savior one Sunday night after a message that was given at, what was then called, The Overseas Christian Servicemen's Center (OCSC).

It was really exciting to be baptized in the South China Sea. I don't remember being baptized as a baby so when I became a Christian, it was shared with me that I should be baptized as soon as possible. I have a video of my testimony and pictures. What a great experience and testimony. God is so good.


  1. Mmmmm, feel free to make cinnamon rolls! yummy! I am really into brown too. I especially love it with pink. Glad things are resolved!

  2. Very interesting.
    I, too am exhausted...trying to wind down and i likely will sleep in tomorrow.
    Blessings, andrea

  3. I used to not like the color brown either. Now I love it with mint green, and pink and blue. I do love it too. They say its the new black:) That is so cool that you got to be baptized in the South china sea. Wow

  4. I didn't realize you were in the Navy. That's very interesting. I was baptized as an adult, too. I had grown up in the Methodist church and had been sprinkled. But I wanted to be baptized and finally did at the age of 25. It was a great experience. Although, not nearly as exciting as being baptized in the South China Sea ;)

  5. Nannette,

    Oh, dear. I am sorry you misunderstood. Yesterday was a glorious for me. That was an old post, in fact my first, from february. It is part of a meme that Tim at FT. Thompson has going. To repost some old posts for those who may have missed them because they weren't following our blog at the time.

    Our church has mostly baptized in a creak. South China Sea would be a neat experience!



  6. Okay I can play too! Here's my four things that begin with "E" for "Erica". Is that why you chose "B"? I'll assume so.

    #1 - Energetic ('cept when I'm tired)

    #2 - Encouraging (for the most part)

    #3 - Eager (to relax or have fun)

    #4 - Emotional (I'm a female. Get over it!)

  7. You were in the Navy? You were baptized in the south China Sea? That is so cool!
    Here's mine:
    1. my maiden name is Beckham (no, I don't think I am related to David Beckham.)

    2. My favorite sport is baseball, although, I never played it. My son plays for many months out of the year. I love to watch him. My favorite MLB team is the St Louis Cardinals.

    3. I love eating out for breakfast. I do not like cooking breakfast. Although my husband makes great scrambled eggs and I love it when he does that.

    4. I love baskets. I have many in my home.

  8. I'm such a moron that I was thinking I was on Bevy's blog when I typed that. How funny!

    Sorry Nanette!!!!! I really do know the difference!!!

  9. I've got some funny friends here.

    I'm so forgetful when I go to a blog to comment I forget what I was going to say. Sometimes I write it down before I go comment.

    I guess it's not old age after all, Erica. Since you're much younger than me.

  10. How neat to hear how you became a Christian! And in the Navy. What a life you have led.
    And I think memory is sucked out of us by our children!!! JK

  11. That was BEAUT!

    Sorry, I'm having trouble thinking of any words, let alone 'B' ones. I'll just settle for sounding like an old Aussie farmer.

  12. Hi, Nannette~

    How awesome that you were Baptized in the China sea. That must have been something. I would love to see your testimony and Baptism video someday, only if you want to share it with us.

    I posted pics of ours not too long ago. What a wonderful feeling.....to be dead to sin, and to walk in the newness of life.....AWESOME!!!

    Love ya, girl~

  13. Aww. What a cute post!
    I love brown too. I think it's because I look better in fall colors. My home is surrounded in warm colors too.

    I LOVE to bake too!