Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baby Shower For a Friend

The church women hosted a baby shower for our friend, Debbie. Another Debbie made this cute cake which tasted awesome.

Here's the expectant mommy waiting for things to get started. She was actually watching her very cute niece sitting in her car seat.

Guess who fooling around before the game? Yes, it's Nan from Momstheword.

Debbie joined in the fun. She's so cute!

We played a game of passing the pacifier on a straw to the music. This is a mother and daughter.

Debbie's SIL and a friend.

Two of the younger girls. The one in orange won this game.

This game required a player to fold a cloth diaper and pin it onto a doll blindfolded. The fastest won. This is a mother and daughter competing. The mother won over all with a time of 45 seconds. Wow!

More brave moms competed for the coveted prize.

Two of our teens bravely participated.

On with the gift opening and cake & punch.

A hand crocheted blanket by one of the ladies.

There were a lot of gifts, mostly cute clothes and soft blankets, diapers and various other very cool things. I thought this gift from Debbie's niece was pretty neat. This young lady had attached diapers, toys and baby items to a wreath.

I'm pretty sure Debbie has all she needs for her first baby. I think she had fun and was very thankful for all that we did for her. God bless Debbie and her new baby and family.


  1. Baby showers are always so much fun~ She got some beautiful the handmade boys still have their favs from their showers!

  2. Baby showers are the best!!!

  3. looks like a great time!! thanks for the visit

  4. It's always fun to see all those itty bitty baby things! Can't wait to see him in them! Thank you for all you did! It was fun to see it in pictures!

  5. Wow, I've never seen a diaper wreath before! That is soooooo cool!!!

    Looks like alot of fun!! And I totally forgot that you are friends w/ Nan in real life!!

  6. aaww, it looks like so much fun!!!!

  7. WOW, that wreath is a brilliant idea... I might just borrow that one. It looks like a fun time for all!

  8. Oh, that wreath is an AWESOME gift. The only problem is that it LOOKS so cute, will she take it apart to USE it? ha ha ha

    Great pics.

  9. OH how fun! I love baby showers. But I'm always glad that they're not for me ;)

  10. She is a pretty mama!

    It looks like a fun and creative party, but I think putting the diaper on a teddy bear is much harder than on the doll because the legs are stiffer. :)


  11. Baby showers are a lot of fun! Welcoming a new life is a time for celebration for sure!