Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Heard My Mom Laughing Today!!!

I'd like to keep thanking you all for your support and encouragement. I'm just posting most comments without responding these days. I appreciate you all and I will be reading and commenting on your blogs again, soon I hope.

Thanks to the new people who have dropped by. I will visit I promise. I just have to get more time and some real sleep. God bless you all.

Today my mom was pretty much herself. I was so glad to walk into her room and she was awake and speaking sensibly and clearly. She was in one of her own pantsuits and we had a good visit. I left the room briefly and on the way back I could hear her laughing with my daughter. YAY!!

The doctor had the pain medicine changed and that has made the difference. God's divine intervention is so cool. I'm very tired so I'll be going for now. I'll be back to my old self soon too.


  1. Laughing is always a good sign. Get some sleep. We will hear from you when everything is closely back to normal. Still praying for you all.

  2. If laughter is the best medicine then she'll be all better in no time at all! So glad to hear!

  3. Glory be to God!!! Glad she is getting back to herself! Now you...go get some rest! Take care!

  4. i told her that my friend found a dead spider under her bed and she didn't kill it so i said "it probly climbed in your shoe and died of the smell" we all at stinky feet at camp :P

  5. It is always a good feeling to see a bit of "normalcy" after going through something so traumatic. I'm glad she was laughing and dressed in her own clothes.

  6. So glad to hear the good news!