Sunday, August 2, 2009

Water Park Day

Last Friday we went to a local water/ amusement park for the day. Again, it was HOT! My friend and her kids have season passes and discounts so they invited us to go with them. What a privilege! We are thankful that our friends invited us.

Our husbands were at work so they didn't get to go. My husband wouldn't have enjoyed it anyway. He sunburns so easy and he doesn't like the heat or crowds at these places.

We arrived early so we could go in as soon as the gates opened. We headed straight for the lounge chairs and saved eleven. My friend invited a friend from her work and he brought four teenage girls with him. Then we got a locker and headed to the places we wanted to go before the lines got too long.

This is my son, JB and my friend's daughter, D. She's 16 and JB is 14. They've been in Awana and at church together for years. They are both kinda shy though so they don't talk much.

This is me and my good friend, DH. I've been involved in Awana with her for several years. We go to church and Bible study together and we walk before we go to Bible study. She's been a great listening ear and motivator for me. She also asks questions that get me thinking and sometimes help me to make decisions. She's smart and funny.

She also is involved in a lot of things. She takes her kids here and there, she has lost about 50 pounds with Weight Watchers, walking, Curves, jogging and HOT YOGA! She runs and walks half marathons, she is an air traffic controller with the worst work schedule you can imagine (can you say sleep deprived?), she helps with Awana, goes to Bible study, keeps an eye on her mom, co-owns a gymnastics center, she keeps up with friends and family and on & on & on. I'm having a heart attack thinking about all she does.

So you see, she invites me to go somewhere and next thing you know I'm doing things I wouldn't normally do, like jump off of platforms into water and slide down huge slides screaming all the way. Ahem, yes I have fun when I'm with DH and family.

This is the wave pool in the morning when we got there about 10:00. We spent most of our day here when we weren't on slides and in other pools.

Here is the wave pool in the afternoon. I've never been to this park when there has been so many people. I've only been there a handful of times, but I'm guessing that this year, with the record high temperatures for weeks on end, they are breaking some attendance records.

JB doesn't like the sun and heat too much either, but he was a good sport about it. He enjoyed the water rides and the amusement park rides.

He had a bad sunburn last summer and he really doesn't want to experience that again so he was being extra cautious. He spent a lot of time doing this as did D. She had a big hat on too.

This is my daughter H and her friend, C. We dropped them off at camp yesterday. Poor H was feeling yucky this day, but she and C went on lot's of rides together.

C is a good friend and is very accommodating. She probably would have rather spent her day in the water, but for H she sacrificed. That's a good friend.

These three are ready to go over to the amusement park and go on some rides. The lines get pretty long as the day progresses.

Four of us went to the Lazy River after lunch. We stood in line for about a half an hour, but we were talking and laughing so it went pretty fast. We stayed in the LR for along time. It was refreshing!

I couldn't take my camera everywhere so I don't have pictures of us carrying the 4 man inner tube up 50 or 60 stairs over our heads and then sliding down the most awesome water slide I've ever been on.

Oh, I think it's the only one I've ever been on. It was so much fun!

Carrying the inner tube was a challenge for me though. I still have pain in muscles I forgot I had. DH seemed to be having no problem with it, but she did say today she was hurting there too.

I don't know if you can tell, but everyone is coming out of the wave pool. The pool is cleared about once an hour. I think they look for things in the water that shouldn't be there. It just looked weird seeing hundreds of people exiting the pool slowly all at once.

This day at the water park was an experience I wouldn't have had if DH hadn't invited us and lead me around doing things I would normally just watch other people do. I am not adventurous and I would never have jumped off a platform if I had seen it first.

DH lead my son and I into a pool and right up some stairs. I thought we were going down another slide. I get up there and see I'm waiting in line to jump into the water.

From where I stood it looked like I was ten feet above the water. I almost chickened out, but I jumped. When I swam away and looked back I could see the platform was only about five feet up. LOL!! It wouldn't have mattered, I wouldn't have done it if I had seen it first.

Some great fun in the sun, I tell ya and I have the sunburn to show for it. I did my best to keep the sunscreen on, but I still got too much sun. I loved it though.


  1. I remember the water park days! Splashing in the fun, with friends and families. Thanks for sharing with all of us and walking us down memory lane.

    Sarah Dawn

  2. What fun! We went to our local water park on Wednesday evening. We had a lot of fun too. I am going to post some pics tonight. Your pictures are great!

  3. Wow there is a lot of people in those waters. I used to love the wave pool, but haven't been in years. If it would warm up here I would love to take my kids to the water park too. Good for you doing so many things you normally wouldn't do. Sounds like a fun day.

  4. I like it that they check the pool hourly! I NEVER would have jumped of any platform. I've done it a couple of times in my life and each time I think "WHY???" Congratulations on having the courage to jump!

  5. Well, good for you! I'm so glad you "took the plunge" and did something adventurous. Just like I tell all my friends, "You're not getting any younger! Do it NOW while you still CAN!"

    Serioiusly. Do it all! You know it makes your kids SMILE to see Mom taking that leap! =0)

    Happy Monday, My Friend!

  6. Was the park Wide Waves? That place is so much fun!
    And you got to be a part of it, slide, rides and all! You go girl! You did better then I would have.
    Good friend, also.