Monday, August 10, 2009

My Mom Walked Today

I've been anxious for the weekend to be over so my mom could get started on her therapies. Finally this afternoon while my dad and I were there the PT came in and took her for a walk.

She did very good. Just a few reminders to keep a straighter back (not leaning over at the shoulders) and walk heal toe especially with the left foot.

Getting out and into bed carefully and without bending or twisting was a challenge (it would be for me too) and mom will need plenty of practice with this. It's especially hard when you have weak joints from other surgeries.

She has no shortage of visitors. I guess all those years of visiting the sick and disabled has blessed her in return. Blessed to be a blessing and blessed right back.

Many thanks to the faithful prayer warriors out there. You have helped to keep my mom lifted up. Things are certainly looking better.


  1. I am so glad to hear that. That is wonderful!

  2. Wow...she is a fighter! That is just amazing! So happy to hear and having visitors really lifts your spirits.

  3. Praising GOD that your mom is doing well and for answered prayers!

  4. Hope your mother continues to do well. Keeping you in my prayers.