Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just Stuff

Today is going well and I actually left the house to do a little ordering of supplies at the church for Awana.

So many things are starting up and here I am waiting on a tooth.

My kids are suppose to start school on August 31st. However, there is a strike going on and we won't know if school starts Monday until we get an automated phone call Sunday sometime. My kids were so looking forward to going to school for the first time. They may be on delayed excitement for a bit.

My jobs will probably not start until after school gets well underway when substitutes start getting sick and making appointments and the like. I may have some time to get this tooth situation squared away before I get called to work. I really don't want to start my jobs by saying I can't work cuz my tooth hurts.

Awana starts on September 9th and I want to get ready for that.
I like to be as prepared as possible for when the kids come
all excited and ready to hear God's Word. I want to make sure
we have their shirts and books and other supplies ready for
when they earn the right to wear them. I love Awana!!!!

Unfortunately, the first night for Leaders is September 2nd, the evening after my root canal. Hopefully I'll feel just fine and get to go. Otherwise, I'll be starting cold turkey on the 9th. Thank goodness I have a few years of experience. Hopefully I'll be all prepared.

I also run background checks and make sure all of the children's ministry workers have filled out all of their paperwork for the year. This takes some time. For some reason most folks need to be asked several times to finish the paperwork. This makes it frustrating and time consuming for me, but it needs to be done and I'm the one that has the job.

I am thankful for all the folks who volunteer because without them there would be no ministry for children. I try to be very sweet in trying to get the paperwork done because I don't want to lose any volunteers. We do want to be compliant with insurance requirements and protecting ourselves and the kids. So I will remain diligent and get prepared as best I can. God willing, all will go well. It will certainly be His plan, I know that.


  1. I am glad you're having a good day. But hey, if you don't feel like coming on Mock Awana night than stay home and get better, girl!

    We start homeschooling on Monday too and I don't think I'll be going on strike, lol! See ya tomorrow!

  2. Hi :) Yep RenJac I sometimes use half my name half jacobs lol

    RenJac :)
    it messes with a few minds rofl.

    Ill tell you later whats going on in an e-mail.

  3. Glad to hear you are hanging in there and still doing...! Bummer about the strike; I remember in 1st grade our district had a teacher's strike and it lasted 3 weeks. I hope that doesn't happen and they are able to start Monday! Take care!

  4. Heeeeeeeeeeeey :) How are you feeling?

  5. Glad to hear that you are doing a bit better today!
    We also love Awana! Until our move last year, I was a Cubbie teacher for all of my kids. At home the program ended after 5th grade, but here it goes all the way. I think my teens like it even more than the younger kids do.
    And paperwork and people can be so frustrating! Good for you being nice to them and helping them get it done.
    Hope the school situtation works out for your kids Monday!

  6. Sounds like you have a lot to get done for Awanas. I am sure with a bad tooth it makes it a little hard to concentrate. Ouch. Hope that all goes well this coming week and you are able to get everything done and your tooth gets fixed.

  7. Awana! What fun. I helped for a bit in the US as well.

    Blessings to you for serving the littlest ones,
    Sarah Dawn

  8. No, not really, just trying to find something that says ME on it :) and I founf it and Martha helped me put it up.:)Im so simple it was hard to find something that says Renee on it :) But i think this fits me to a T :)

  9. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better. You do have a lot going on. I understand dealing with people and paperwork. It is hard to get them to get in done and turned in sometimes. But without volunteers, not much would get done in the church, that is for sure.
    Hope this week goes better for you,

  10. Dear Nannette,

    It sounds like you have much work ahead of you. I hope it all goes smoothly!