Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane, September 29, 2009

Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane

Come for a walk with me down Memory Lane!
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I am five years old here and my mom made this dress. I like this dress alot, still. We wore dresses to school every day. If it was cold, we wore pants underneath just until we got to school. Then we had take the pants off so we were just wearing our dresses.

There's that Toni perm again and look at my bangs. Mom used to cut them. I must have wiggled too much and she had to keep evening them out until there wasn't much left.

Well look at me here! I'm one year older and I look the same. I do have some new teeth though.

Mom didn't make this dress, but I loved it. I loved it so much that after we bought it (late summer) I couldn't wait to wear it. I came down early one Sunday morning with it on and my mom & dad were in the kitchen. Mom asked why I had the dress on. I answered, "Cuz it's Sunday." Both mom & dad responded that it wasn't Sunday it was a weekday and we had to go berry picking. I was so disappointed.

Mom took us berry picking in the berry farm fields to earn extra money. We would go pick for the whole berry season. Raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. That was a long season for a kid my age. I do not like picking berries to this day. I like eating them though. I appreciated what the money could help us buy, my new dress.


  1. Cute dresses and cute hair. I love looking at these old photos.

  2. OH how cute! I love the dresses and the hair. It is funny how early we learn to appreciate the value of money ;)

  3. What great memories you have! And the pictures of you are soooo cute!
    Those were the days of the great Toni perms, all right. I have a vivid recall of the smell.

  4. Oh man, what great pictures! I have lots of pictures of my mom with the VERY SHORT straight across bangs and then the rest of her hair curly. Too funny how the styles changed. And PRAISE GOD they did, huh?

    But even when I was a kid, they still did the perms. I would'nt THINK of doing that now to my daughter, but it was totally normal back when I was her age.

    Glad you joined me on my walk today. =0)

  5. Hi, Nannette~

    I agree....both the dresses are very pretty. I USED to love to wear dresses but don't wear them anymore. I really should since Skippy has asked me too.

    I too, would have been so disappointed if I had gotten all dressed up and then had to take it off. But I am sure you had a wonderful time berry picking, even if it wasn't in your dress! :> )

    Blessings, sweet friend~

  6. oh Love the Pictures :)So adorable .

    How is your week going Momma :) Wooohoooo weekend almost here :)

  7. Stop feeling guilty about squirming around when she cut your hair. That's not why you have short bangs. You have short bangs because she didn't want to cut your hair again for a very long time! The shorter my boys' bangs are, the sooner I have to cut it! Sadly, some are too old for too short bangs!

    What a fun walk down memory lane! I know what you mean about favorite dresses!

  8. That is so cute how you were excited to wear the dress!!! I think we've all been through the "bang" drama at one time or another. But, you are definitely cute!