Monday, September 7, 2009

A Church Project We Love

Every year, beginning in early August, our church starts the Operation Back Pack Project. I've been coordinating it for a couple of years.

We put out the request for people to donate full back packs in early August. We collect them over a three or four week period. At the end they are set on the steps to the stage area and we pray that the back packs will bring much blessing to those who receive them.

Sometimes people prefer to donate money and some donate supplies. It's my job to use the money to buy what is needed to make as close to full back packs as I can. I bring everything home and it looks like this picture.

I set everything out in assembly fashion and fill backpacks until I run out of supplies. It's nice when people fill the back packs and bring them ready to go.

This year we donated seventeen back packs and took them to a local middle school before school started. The secretary and principal and vice principal get pretty excited when we bring them in each year.

It's a good feeling knowing that we're helping our community. It is getting a little more difficult with so many of our church members being out of work or being ill or having surgery. So I'm proud that we were still able to carry out this neat sharing project this year.

Thanks be to God for He is good. His love is for all and it endures forever.


  1. what a Blessing Ya'll are for doing this :)

  2. What a giving project. It sounds like it would be a lot of fun, too. I adore office/school supplies. A little weird, I know. With my kid being at home I always drool over the back packs and lunch boxes each fall. Don't tell anyone I am a quack! I am sure there are children who are very touched by your kindness to donate your time and the generosity of those who donated items.

    Hugs from dreary, again, Maryland.


  3. What an awesome project!!!! You know those are going to be such a huge blessing!

  4. That is wonderful! Hope your mouth is better. The boys started school on August 13th. I'll be praying that the strike ends soon. The longer it goes on, it will be the kids that suffer most. Did you start your new job today?? (I thought it was at the school?)

  5. Hi, Nannette~

    What an awesome idea! I think I will bring that up to our Woman's Ministry to be done next year.

    God bless you in all you do~

  6. That is awesome. what a great idea and something our church group could try and do too. Good for you!

  7. What a great ministry. I love to buy school supplies, and I need to donate them because we just don't go through that many at home! This year our VBS did a drive and I took most of my loot from last year. Then, I HAD to buy more when the sales hit. I just can't resist! Glad that God laid this on your heart to bless others.

  8. What a wonderful community project to get involved in!