Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Now That's A Bright Idea

There are a lot of bright ideas that people have come up with over the years that have made life easier for us like the light bulb, the microwave, the computer, and the hot water heater.

So let's have a little fun thinking of other bright ideas that make us happy or make our lives easier or are just great ideas for whatever reason.

Here are some bright ideas that I came up with:

The projector so we can lift up our eyes when we sing. It frees up our hands to be lifted as we praise God.

Media shout so all of the songs can be projected onto the screen for us to sing.


Self cleaning appliances.

WII Fitness. Wish I had one.

Cruise control.

Seat warmers.

Hand Sanitizer.

Invisible dog fences.

Pitching machines.

Now I realize there are many obvious items that are bright ideas, but try to think of some that aren't so obvious unless you just absolutely love them and want to mention them.

Have fun with this and leave a comment full of your ideas.


  1. Sippy cups, hair color, digital cameras. Love mine!

  2. Microwaves, t.v., libraries, computers, lol!

    Mine starts this coming Sunday, and I think Linda's starts this coming Monday (not sure about hers, you'll have to ask her).

    But she'll be putting her starting time in the bulletin on Sunday 'cause she told me she was going to do that for all the classes.

  3. I love the old fashioned ones…like the washing machine and inside plumbing; I really think these basic things have improved our lives the most!

    I could have happily stopped at the 1950s. After that time, I am not sure much more was invented that I care about. I did not grow up with a microwave, and although I use one, I am not totally convinced that they are good for our health. I think a lot of the technology we have today has actually made our lives more complicated and too busy.

    Yep, if it did not exist by the end of the 50s, I probably don’t need it to make my life better! ☺


  4. Email! I mean seriously, where would we be without it these days? How did we live without it? =0)

  5. Hi there I hopped over here from Kat's blog and thought I would say hello. I too, am a home school mom...though today for a good fifteen minutes I did wonder why...then I remembered.

    I am thankful for the pencil sharpener...which my son seems to need every five minutes :)

    dvd player and of course dvd's

    books and teaching on cd

    hair straightener and curling iron

    I am sure there are more, but after a full day of school I really need to go take a shower LOL. I am thankful for the shower head too, I guess!

    Please stop by and visit me sometime!

  6. Those are great...I would have to agree on all of them with you! I would also have to say the DVD player for the airplane and car! Makes those long trips doable! and digital cameras so that I can share our lives with all of the family that live out east!

  7. I have been thinking and praying for you and your tooth. Did you have your root canal yesterday? Hope it went well, and that you are painfree today!

  8. electric tooth brush, blow dryer, atm machines, internet, of course, cell phones, and vacuum cleaner, just to name a few.

  9. Aw, I wish you lived close by so we could use the Wii Fit together. I need a Wii buddy that's for sure ;)

    Know what's also a great invention? The GPS! Lord knows I could not find my way back home without one :o)

    Adorable post my dear, it's great to meet you. I lurked over here from your friend Renee's blog :D