Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Crossing Guard's Day

Recently, I have been substituting for a crossing guard/ playground helper at an elementary school. Each morning & each afternoon I stand at a corner and wait to cross the two or three kids that cross that street.

I have to stay there for a half an hour each time even though the kids cross the street at the beginning of the half hour. So I stand there for the next 20 to 25 minutes with nothing to do.

By the third day I decided to start memorizing some of the Awana T & T scriptures. Since I work with that group on Wednesday nights, I am trying to complete a handbook. I started book one last year and I made it to Discovery Zone four. That's about half of the book. I'll finish it this year. Now I understand better when the kids don't finish their book in one year.

Anyway, This is an excellent time to recite to myself what I've memorized. I write the verses on paper in case I forget. I don't want to stand out there with the book. It might look like I'm reading to the parents driving by.

This is me in my vest trying to smile as I take a picture of myself. I tried three times, but I never caught myself while I was smiling.

This is my flag that I hold up two times a day for thirty seconds.

This is my crosswalk. Not much to look at over there. I walked over and looked in the bushes and walked up the street a little ways. Nothing exciting to see.

Looking to my right up the road. Wow! Still not much. Nothing much to the left either.

This is the eye sore house. Weeds, rotting wood and roof and several old cars & trucks in the driveway. I walked over there and looked around. There was a black cat sleeping in one of the window sills. At least I hope it was sleeping and not dead. Ooh, not a good thought.

This crow kept me company for a few minutes while he picked at something in the road and sat on the wire above me. I kept an eye on him. I hate being pooped on.

Now this is a science experiment. One afternoon I noticed this chocolate chip cookie near my post. Guess how long it takes ants to finish a chocolate chip cookie?

About 24 hours. Guess what else I learned? They don't like the chocolate chips.
This is just the grease and chocolate chips the next day. So I learned something that might come in handy someday. Hmm...

Here is what is behind me. Very exciting (not).

And I can stand and look down in here for hours about a half a second.

I understand why the principal keeps asking how I'm doing and thanking me for subbing. The secretary thanks me too. They know that this is a boring job with a lot of down time in between jobs.

The recess part is full of action and things to watch out for. Kids need band aids or restroom passes. They get knocked over by some other kid running and not watching where they are going. They step in unmentionables that are left on the play field from the night before. There's an argument now and then that needs to be defused.

But my favorite question of the week is, "Do you know where my friend is?" There are only 100+ students out there and I don't know any of them by name. Bless their little, innocent hearts. Most kids are so sweet and just want to play and learn.

All in all I've had a good experience. But I want you to wave at the crossing guard as you go by and thank them if you get a chance cuz they are devoted to the safety of the kids, whether there's two or 100. Smile!


  1. Thank You for sharing the pics :)
    aaaaah, the crow needs a name lol


  2. How do you like the Awana leader book? I would like to do one this year. Do you memorize the same verses in the book as the corresponding book the kids work on?

  3. Well, thank you for taking YOUR time to do that for someone's kids! What a great gal you are. I love that you use the spare time to memorize scripture. Great thinking!

  4. Oh my you have so much to do at your subbing job. I would maybe ask if it would be ok to bring a book to keep you company while you wait to cross the kids. Glad you remembered your camera:) Atleast you are getting paid.

  5. We call crossing guards lollipop ladies (or men) here. They hold a big round red stop sign on a post that looks like a lollipop. I feel sorry for the ones that are posted a little bit further from the schools where fewer kids cross.

  6. You might not think you are doing much, but I remember my Crossing Guard. She always had a smile and a cheerful "How's it going?" for me. I looked forward to seeing her everyday! We became friends and I missed her when I moved on to Junior High. And it has been YEARS since I've seen her but I remember her!
    I guarantee you will be making a difference in someones life!!!

  7. Working with kids in any aspect can be rewarding..don't see yourself short, you are apprecited by parents for sure!! Have a good week!

  8. You look cute in your vest! :)
    I so laughed through this whole post. Your sarcasm makes me laugh hard. I will remember to wave at the next crossing guard that I see and I will thing of you, but I will probably laugh. I hope she does not think I will be laughing at her. hahaha

  9. That sounds like a very interesting day ;)

    Hope the new job continues to go well. I love that age. They are so sweet and innocent.

    It's funny that you are studying the ants. I guess once a homeschool mom, always a homeschool mom!

    Take care my friend! Hope you have a great week!