Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

What made today terrific? The 24 hour ache and sore throat are gone. That makes any day terrific.

I went to the doctor and got medicine for my weeping eye. I also got some shots to catch me up to the school kids. Some would say that's not terrific, but I'd like to avoid as many illnesses as possible and that would be terrific.

My husband got the stitches out of his hand and the wound looks fine and his blood pressure is down.

I went back to my job for a half of a day. People were greeting me and saying how they missed me. Kids were asking me if I was okay. It was strange. Being appreciated does feel good. I do know that my reward is in heaven though.

I got to help 2nd and 3rd graders with reading and it was fun.

A boy in another class who suffered with encephalitis visited his class today and the kids greeted him with joy. He still has some things to overcome, but he's improving daily. He's the cutest kid!

The kindergarten class I volunteer in is so well behaved compared to the 2/3 split class I help with. That's good for the kindergartners. The 2/3 graders earned more class points today than they did last Friday. That's an improvement!

My kids are finished with their homework and it's only 5:30pm. I really like that one.

Hope your Tuesday was terrific. Let me know.


  1. Wow what a good day. I just love kindergartners. They are so sweet!

  2. Hey, Nannette~

    It truly WAS a terrific Tuesday for you! I pray then that you have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY as well! :> )

    Blessings, sweet friend~

  3. ISn´t it a blessing when a day goes so well!!
    Maybe you have another terrific day today!

  4. Sounds like a blessed day to me.

  5. Well,I'm super glad to hear that you're feeling better. My life has been in such a whirlwind that I've missed out on SOOOO many blogs.

    I really am TRYING to get caught up, but I don't see the whirlwind getting better just yet. *sigh*