Sunday, September 13, 2009

Puggles R' Us

Guess what my daughter and I did this morning? It had a lot to do with preschoolers.

I decided I needed something to encourage the little kiddos to behave and follow directions. Most do, but some have a harder time of it. I found these sunglasses my friend made for me back in the late 80's. I've never worn them, but I thought one day I'd need them for some fun activity. Today was that day.

Puggles is our Sunday morning class for preschoolers. When a child exhibited good behavior by following directions, they were given the right to wear the sunglasses. H and I were good so we got to wear them. LOL!

It took this little guy a while, but he got to wear them about 2/3 of the way through class. So cute!

This is his older sister and she was the very first to get to wear them, but she said no thank you at first. Later she let us take her picture in them.

Whatever it takes to get some good behavior. I'm not real experienced with preschoolers so I could use a lot of ideas to motivate these little ones this year.
Feel free to leave ideas for me in the comments section.



  1. Oh my gosh!! That is absolutely hysterical!!! Why am I NOT surprised that it took my son *that* long to wear the glasses. He just doesn't listen. It is my major project for the year...hopefully he gets better for you :)Thanks for all you guys do!!!

  2. Looove the shades :D
    What Cuties :)

  3. Jacobs doing spanish, and sign language.Crow name remember the cartoon with the 2 crows Heckel and Jeckel
    LOL one of those names

  4. Love the sunglasses. Never can a girl have too much bling! And what a creative way to get the kiddos to pay attention. I may need to use that sometime.


  5. What a cool idea! I am sure they were all super quiet to get to wear them :)

  6. How Cute!!! And what a great idea for preschooler's classes.

  7. I LOVE IT! You all look so COOL!

    Blessings, Nannette~

  8. I could not give you any advice in this area, Nannette; I am not very good working with other peoples' children...Ha! Ha! I feel lost and would not even know I had any children of my own. ☺