Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cornucopia Days!

This morning we went to the Cornucopia Days down in our little metropolis. The Lion's Club sponsors this event every year. There are tons of booths, food, some rides and some stage performances.

This is a look down one of the streets. The event covered about 5 streets on both sides of the railroad tracks.

The Police dept. was there with safety things for kids to do.

This steel sided Swat Vehicle was there. Very heavy duty. It was pretty cool.

It was getting quite hot so we hit some shaded areas. The animals
were there. H is petting a Llama. There were kittens
from the local shelter. The shelter was having a
big adoption event today.

We headed back across the tracks. As I stepped out on the tracks I heard the bells go off for the train to come so I came back and got a picture.

My son set the camera up so the train, that was going about fifty miles an hour, would look like it was standing still. Loud whistle and rumbling and it was gone as fast as it came.

These south American fellas play very cool music at many of our local events. I love their music.

Another stop in the shade and some rest. My hubby and JB, our son.

Me and H relaxing in the shade. Our feet were very tired.

We were going to go the other half of the festival and decided we were too hot and tired. I convinced everyone to go and play in the water park in the middle of the festival. This park was recently built near our library. The little kids and parents love this place when it's hot.

This parent was definitely liking it today. My daughter liked it too. We took off our shoes and played.

There is a huge marble ball in the middle that appears to be floating on water. The kids can easily roll it in it's place. It is so smooth. H loved it. So did a bunch of other kids. It took several tries to get some good pictures of her.

This boy kept running up to the ball and jumping on it. He was having a blast, but he was in my way several times.

Here's H playing with the ball and the other kids.

Rolling, rolling rolling!

More rolling by hubby. It was so smooth, we had to keep touching it.

Here's JB. He didn't want to get wet so he took pictures for me.

H loves to color and draw so she entered a contest with some local radio station. She quickly colored though cuz she wanted to go home.

Good bye water park and Cornucopia Days. Getting my feet and the bottom of my shorts wet cooled me down about 80%. I was happy and ready to walk all the way back to the parking lot.


  1. Looks like a great day. My hubby worked on my laptop and it is doing better. It is actually new. Well, I got it after Christmas and that counts as new in my book. I do not think it should be acting sickly.

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  2. Looks like you guys had fun. Yeah, it was pretty warm today so it would have been nice to cool off. I had no idea that was this weekend. We haven't been in years!

    Thank you for keeping my kid, I suppose we should come pick him up now, lol!

  3. That looked like a fantastic day! What a great day put on by the Lions! WOW!

  4. Oh how fun! I love these kinds of festivals! And I will definitely pray for Shana!