Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jack's Big Day

This was Jack's day to get his nails trimmed. I am not experienced with pets and I thought it would be best to have a more experienced person do this. I also wanted her to apply the flea treatment.

Jack hasn't been in the car since he went to be neutered. When we brought him home after the procedure he was terrified and urinated in his carrier. That was nasty. My daughter had the carrier on her lap and of course she got a little wet. Since he wasn't too fond of it then I wasn't sure how he would like it now.

We let him get into the carrier and get familiar. It's clear now, he has outgrown the carrier. It was suppose to be big enough for adult cats. Apparently not Jack. He's kinda big.

There is a little fish toy hanging in there and Jack likes that, but he doesn't care about it when he's in the car. He's too scared to play I guess.

We get to the groomer and my daughter takes the carrier out of the care and puts the shoulder strap over her shoulder. Next thing I hear is "OH!" I walk around the car to see the carrier on the ground and the shoulder strap in H's hand. She said it just dropped. Poor Jack! He is truly too heavy for this carrier.

We take Jack in and the groomer takes him out of the carrier. She says, "Oh, Jack peed!" Lovely! She quickly trims his nails and puts him back. She explains he needs a bath before he gets the flea treatment. She showed me how to do the treatment and we took stinky home and gave him a bath.

He hates being bathed. Thank goodness he had those nails trimmed. He wanted to get down and away from me.

He sat by the back door and licked himself for quite some time. The kids combed him some and got a lot of loose fur off of him. No fur balls I hope.

Here he is in all his regalness. His head is dry. Now he sleeps by the back door. A cat's life is rough isn't it?


  1. Oh my! That sounded prr-etty horrible! Glad Jack is all clean & H's lap wasn't in the line of fire this time, ha!

  2. Hi Natalie! Oh my gosh..your poor kitty!!!

    I am the one who cuts our puppy's nails! I'd like to take her to the groomer so they can do a better job! I have to be careful not to cut too close to the vein!

    I realized that our puppy gets car sick in her crate, and she does just fine sitting on the seat!

  3. We dont' have pets, so all this is new to me...but wow that is a big ordeal getting the nails trimmed huh? Cats do as they please too huh? Laying by the door sounds good to me:)

  4. I love your cat!!! He is so cute!!! This was such a fun post for me to read!:)

  5. Hope you don't have to take Jack very often to the vet to get his nails clipped. What an ordeal!
    Have a good weekend.

  6. Too bad for your kitty. Glad he is home, safe and sound and dry!!! He is a very pretty cat.

  7. I had a cat growing up that looked just like Jack. We loved her so. We had her 17 years and then a dog got hold of her and unfortunately they couldn't help her.

    Anyway, I thought I would suggest for accidents in the carrier... I saw pads in the pet store once for when you are training your dog. They are disposable and I bet you could line your carrier with one.

  8. LOOL Braver then me, Jacobs cat hates his toenails trimmed byt Tinkerbell my doxin will lay on her back lol