Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Dad's 88th Birthday

Last Sunday we celebrated dad's 88th birthday. It is amazing to me that we've been blessed to have our parents with us for so long. God knew some of us needed more time to appreciate them for all they've done for us.

I think that since I wasn't a believer until I was thirty, it took me longer to appreciate my folks. I'm glad God gave me these years to grow up and learn to love and appreciate my dear parents. I digress, but for good reason.

We went to an Asian restaurant that my parents like and go to often called Wendy's Two. We ordered several types of food. It seems like I was eating for a long time. I like the food there too.

We have our food and are passing things on the lazy susan thing in the middle.

This is part of us. From the left are:
my daughter, my sister, my mom, my dad.

This is my son and my hubs.

This is the birthday boy! There is the dessert in front of him, Mmmmm!

Dad opened some gifts. He has some books to read and look at now. He loves reading, but his vision is bad so he uses a magnifier now.

We gave him a book about the places in the Bible. There are a lot of pictures which should make the reading easier.

This is what is left of the fruit tart. It was so good. It was very good!

The last piece was shared by my son & my sister.

And here's the family. I do have two brothers, but they live in other states.

I'm on the right if you don't know me yet.

Happy Birthday, dear daddy, happy birthday to you!!


  1. Beautiful family and beautiful celebration of life.

  2. Wow, Nannette, 88 years old, my father is about 10 years younger.
    It looks like a fun party. I am sure your father appreciated it, and it IS good that you have time with them to show them how much you love and appreciate them. God is good.

  3. Awwww,what a great celebration you guys had. Glad to see you appreciating your family and y'all are all beautiful!

    Happy Birthday Mr.Mocha's Daddy!

  4. Happy Birthday to your daddy! Great pictures! It is wonderful that you have gotten to enjoy your daddy for the long length of his life. You are blessed!

  5. That is so great! I hope my parents are along that long! They will be 64 in Aug! My Nannie (my mom's mom) will be 90 on her next bday and my hubby grandma will be 100 next June! Hope he had a great day...he sure did have a great big smile!

  6. I'm so glad that your family celebrate your Dad's birthday. Sometimes our parents don't want to "fuss". But to me it's all about respect. You are a great example to your children.
    Good for you and hugs to your Dad!