Friday, July 24, 2009

Painting H's Room

My husband had some vacation time that he had to take before the end of August so he decided to paint our daughter's room. Then he said "We might as well replace the window." That always makes me cringe. The project becomes bigger and bigger, but there was water damage on the wall so what better time than now. Yikes!

This is what the living room has looked like all week. Poor H has been trying to find her stuff in this mess. The deal was, she had to get rid of a lot of stuff and we'll get her a desk.

Right now she is sorting and organizing and putting things away. I'm proud of her because she really dislikes being organized. I think she's excited to have her room painted.

The first thing my hubby did was take out the window. Do we have a new window? No. So this is what it looked like everyday while he was working on it. At night, there was a beautiful piece of plywood in that space.

Here he is working in a very hot room to get it painted. He patched holes and fixed doors and such.

The old color was light gray and it was painted 10 1/2 years ago. I made the curtains back then too. I'll need to make or buy some more. H wanted blue and she picked a really dark blue, but it is very pretty.

My hubs showed H how to paint so she could help a little.

She painted a little and didn't even get any on her clothes. Yay!

She's pleased and thankful. Unfortunately her dad had to paint the room three times and use two cans of paint to get it to look consistently the same shade all over. Some folks didn't mix it well at the store and someone else didn't stir it at home. He is so patient and keeps plugging along to get it right.

Here's the wall with the closet. She picked even darker blue for the trim. We left the doors for now. She has her art on both doors and it'll take some work to get all the tape off.

I fixed her bed up and took a picture. It'll never look like this again believe me so I thought I'd saver the moment.

Do we have window yet? No. Gotta find the best deal. Too bad we didn't research this a long time ago. Oh well, hubby put the old one back in sort of. One piece is broken so there's plywood there until we get a window and hubby has more time off, which will be in a couple weeks again.

Another project almost finished. H has waited a long time for this change. Just in time cuz she'll be off to camp next weekend and then we need to get ready for school.

Oh, we did get a desk today through Craig's List. It was only ten miles away. Now she can draw and do homework on her new desk. Yay!


  1. How great. I have been saying for 2 summers that my boys were gonna get their rooms painted and yet andother summer has come and gone and they still have white walls! I like her color blue! So pretty!

  2. Yay for your daughter! I know she is so excited with the look of her "new" room. It is always fun to change things up a bit!

  3. Her room looks great! That is funny what you said about taking a picture because it will never look like that again. I know the feeling! :) I hope she has a great time at camp. My kids have already gone and they love it. God meets them and touches them for eternity.
    Have a great day!

  4. I love the colors. They are very similar to my oldest's room colors but I'll bet you didn't notice when you came over to help me with my mom (we were kind of busy, lol!).

    Did you buy that paint at the Fred Meyer near you? Because that's where we got it when we were painting hubby's office at the church and it kind of took on a chalky look. That's because it was to old so they replaced it.

    Love her room. I want to see it next time I'm over. Is J. going to camp too?

    At least we don't have to worry about rain for awhile, lol!

  5. Boy, I thought I had a busy summer! Do you ever relax and take a break? Parades, Letterboxing and redesigning bedrooms! Whew!
    Actually, I very envious of your talents and energy.

  6. Hello Nannette,

    What a hard working man!
    The room looks great. It is always fun having a freshly painted room.