Sunday, July 12, 2009

Listen And Obey

Our guest speaker in our church service this morning taught from Acts chapter 10. He shared that when God tells you to do something, he is also working on the other end of it. Please read Acts Chapter 10 to get the whole history.

He was referring to Cornelius having a visit from an angel who told him to send men to Joppa to bring back Simon who is called Peter who is staying at a house by the sea. Sounds pretty general. No address? They went in faith and God took them right to the house.

Meanwhile God prepared Peter's heart to be met by the gentiles
and to go with them. He was shown the sheet of four-footed
animals, etc. and told to "Get up...Kill and eat".

Peter wasn't real sure about that so God
showed him the sheet 3 times all together and the
sheet went back up to heaven. Three times?
God meant what He said.

I know that is a quick and not so good version of the scriptures in Acts, but the pastor told us that if God can accept these "impure" things into heaven then He can accept impure people into heaven as well.

Peter wasn't sure why he was visited by gentiles (impure folks) and asked to go with them and Cornelius may not have understood why he was asked to find Peter and have him come to his house, but by faith both men were obedient to do what God had asked without questioning Him.

Cornelius invited family and friends to come to his house because Peter was coming to speak to them. There were no telephones or computers so Cornelius had no verbal confirmation or letter telling him Peter would be coming for sure. I believe this all took place over a time frame of 3 or 4 days. Cornelius had faith in God that this would happen and it did.

The pastor told us to listen for God to speak to us and to obey immediately even if it doesn't make any sense. Even if you don't want to do it or feel prepared or comfortable doing it. Obey and you will hear from God more and more.

This may be new to you or this may be something you are already very familiar with, but it was definitely something I needed to hear.

Some of you have shared stories of obedience even when you felt uncomfortable and unsure. You don't even know what the results were, based on what you did, but God has completed a work and used you to be a part in that. You are blessed and should be so excited that God trusted you to do something that may change lives.

I know Hope over at My Hope Is In The Lord turned her car around to go back and share the love of Jesus with some folks holding a sign by the street.

She didn't know what she was going to say, but she just did what God said to do. It's a quick post she shared and I couldn't find it so maybe I'll contact Hope to tell me or to refer to it in her post tomorrow.

I also read a post today over at A Planting Of The Lord and I couldn't believe I had typed my post and decided to go look at comments before I published it.

I read a comment from Kimberly @ A Planting Of The Lord so I visited her blog only to find out she, in obedience to God, is going to close her blog. The Lord is helping her to clear her plate, as she says, to allow for other things He would rather she do right now.

Is God talking to my heart about obedience? Do I need to ask? Do you listen and obey God even when it seems weird or uncomfortable? I hear you, Lord. Help me obey.

Have a great week.
Mocha Momma


  1. That was awesome. I hope and pray that I am always listening and obeying the Lords leading. I always want to be in His matter how strange or difficult it may seem to me.

  2. Great post Nannette! I think we all need to be reminded to listen & obey!

  3. Our sermon yesterday was on "God's Call" and hearing what He has for us... and then OBEYING. Pretty cool!

    Our service was so powerful - the Holy Spirit was moving and doing mighty things in our church. Praise God!

  4. Excellent post Nanette! Lord Help me obey!

  5. Hi, Nannette~

    I am sorry I haven't been around the past couple of days. We have so many things going on right now.

    It is funny how you have posted about listening and obeying the voice of God. I just started a new Bible Study on Thursday. Guess what it is entitled? "Discerning the Voice of God!" How awesome is that? Skippy and I have a few decisions to make within the next couple of weeks and are desperately seeking God's will and direction in our lives. Please help me pray that God's will will be evident and that we make the right decisions and take the right path. We need to pray that we will able to discern the difference between what GOD wants for us as opposed to what WE THINK God wants and what we want to happen.

    Thank you, my friend!