Friday, July 17, 2009

Lunch With Mom and Sis

I don't get to spend much time with my mom and sister during the school year, but my sis has most of the summer off and so do I so we try to do at least one thing together.

My mom is in a certain amount of pain and will be having back surgery in August so we wanted to do something that involved very little riding in the car and very little walking.

The reason I say "certain amount of pain" is because my mom doesn't complain about pain so it's hard to know just how much pain she's in. I'm guessing since she has decided to go ahead with the surgery, she's in quite a bit of pain at least part of the time.

So my sis and I met mom at her house and we went to a restaurant on the bay about fifteen minutes from mom & dad's house. It was a fabulous day and there is a place to eat outdoors, but we opted to eat inside because mom really didn't want sit in the blazing sun.

It was 80 degrees or so by noon today which is pretty warm for us. We consider that blazing. I know some of you are LOL at me, but it's rainy and cloudy here most of the year. Anyway the blue sky was just beautiful. I love the blue sky.

This is my mom and me standing in front of the restaurant. The outdoor dining is behind me. I'd love to go back there on a sunny day and eat outdoors. It was actually very cold indoors because they had the AC cranked up and we were sitting right under one of the vents.

Here's my mom with my big sister. She's older than me, not bigger than me. We'll just leave it at that. Story of my life!

The waiter took our picture indoors at the table, but it turned out too dark. We had Shrimp Louie's, mom had a chicken sandwich. My sis had some chowder too. It looked and tasted great. Sorry no food pictures. I thought the picture of us with our food would turn out so I didn't take anymore pictures at the table.

We finally got a picture of all three of us cuz this nice lady walked by and asked if we'd like her to take our picture. "Yes, we would. Thank you nice lady."

That was our day out to lunch. Then mom informed us she had made raspberry pie for our dessert. She amazes me! I believe the woman loves to bake. It was 87 degrees yesterday and she still made the pie. They have no AC and their house gets pretty hot without having the oven on. Bless her heart.

We stopped to get a can of whip cream at the store and went home to mom's kitchen for pie. I don't think I've ever had raspberry pie. It was awesome! My mom's pie crust is the best. The raspberries were from a friends' yard. Mom's friend picked them for her. My mom's got some of the sweetest friends I've ever met.

The raspberries were soooo good! I wanted more, but thought I'd better not. What a fun, but relaxing day with mom and sis!


  1. That is an awesome day. I love it when my mom and I get together for a girls day out. Big fun! Loved all your pictures.

  2. Family is such fun! Enjoy yours for all of us.

    Hugs from Costa Rica,
    Sarah Dawn

  3. I always love to hear about the love that families have for each other. I can see the day was spent well. Good memories.

  4. Beautiful pictures. I love to walk around near the water, so pretty. Especially during summertime. However, try and find a parking!

    Do your parents live near me? Have I ever met your sister? I can't remember if I have.

    Another beautiful, hot day!!!!!

  5. I've decided that you need to join "Organized Junkie's" Menu Plan Monday posts (just click on her link on my left sidebar).

    On Sunday you write up your menu for the week and post it and then link up to hers. I can tell you how to do it or link up for you. It's easy.

    I know you menu plan and I think you'd enjoy it and then I wouldn't have to ask you what you're making for dinner....I'd already know, lol!

  6. You all look so nice. I am sorry your mom is suffering but will pray for her surgery to be successful in stopping the pain.

    The food does sound delicious. It occurred to me when you were talking about the weather that I don't even know where you live.

    And what a sweet blessing to spend the day with the ladies you love.

    I was looking at some old emails that I haven't had time to respond to and I wanted to go on record to say I only joked about collecting nickles for directions...I didn't actually let them do it. One day I will write a post about nickles in our house:) LOL

  7. Sounds like a fun day! I love the pictures. It looks like a great place to have lunch. Oh and the pie sounds absolutely delicious!

  8. Looks like you had a girls day out too! Sounds like you had fun! Great pictures Nanette!

  9. Looks like you had a great Girls day out too!
    Great pictures!