Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Home Schooling Days Are Over

When we started homeschooling nine years ago I always thought I'd just take it one year at a time. In the back of my mind, my goal was to homeschool all the way until the kids finished high school.

It became clear to me about a year or so ago that we wouldn't be able to homeschool until twelfth grade because the math was getting harder and more out of our comfort zones (my hubby & me). We would need a tutor to teach them, so what would be the point?

This year, correcting all of the writing assignments was driving me crazy. My head was spinning every time I had to read, revise, re-read, revise, re-read...another paper. My language arts skills are not up to snuff either apparently. Or I'm just not much of an editor.

When I realized that we were struggling financially more than I had thought, it became evident that I should probably find a job. School is out and I've been working on getting a job in one of the school districts as a paraeducator, otherwise known as a teacher's aid. Similar to homeschooling in many ways, but maybe I can keep it on the elementary level.

This leads to a lot of changing and re-arranging. This also means I have a lot of books to send back to the warehouse. And many other books to take to the second hand bookstore or get rid of some way or another if they are out dated.

This is what we have had on shelves and in totes for about 4 or 5 years. Different books every year of course, but the same amount. I will have shelf space and floor space I haven't had in several years.

There has to be some good that comes from all of this. I have let the Lord keep all of this in His care. I will do my best to keep the ball rolling on the job hunt and getting the kids prepared for going to school, but I have peace about it.

It's just sad to see a chapter of our lives close. Homeschooling is a lifestyle. You live it. Your schedule is just as you would like it to be, very structured or relaxed. There are some expectations from the state, but it hasn't been hard to meet those. It was my job, my life, my choice, my daily routine, my time with my kids.

As a new chapter begins, I hope to have the time to blog and share the joys and struggles of my new life. I am excited and sad at the same time. I guess that's okay.


  1. Rejoicing with you in God's leading! He will guide, give you the peace and the strength to walk down the path He has shown you.

    Wish I was there to help you find a good home for your stuff :)

    Blessings from Costa rica,
    Sarah Dawn

  2. I can totally understand the sadness at the end of a chaper but the excitement at the beginning of another.

    Have you thought of selling your books at the secondhand homeschool bookstore? That's where I sold mine.

    If you decide to go let me know and I'll go with you. I need to go and get some stuff for fall.

    Yes, Eli is pretty. Larry said I could put their names on my blog but I forgot.

    Hey, you want to meet for a coke sometime? Seems like all we do is talk in the comment section or on facebook, lol!

  3. Would you believe I still have most all of mine? My kids have already been in private school for 2 years and yet I've still not gone through my books and gotten rid of them. I guess it's time!

    It will be an adjustment, but also a relief. Be excited! I speak from experience. =0)

  4. I think going through school books are more of a challange then teaching lol

  5. Hey Momma, jacob last year used the Colors for the Salvation Bracelet to do a Salvation Lapbook :)

  6. Momma, I just posted his salvation lapbook on his blog.

  7. Good luck with the change! I know it will be hard at first but...change is good.

  8. Oh, I am sure that you are both excited and a little sad. It must be hatd to make the transition, however, I am sure that you will all adjust well!!! ;)

    Hope you are having a blessed week!


  9. Hoping that all goes well with your new life style and transition. Change is hard, but knowing that you are in His hands is good!

  10. Sending you a hug :) Change is so tough, no matter what it is. Hang in there!! You did a fabulous job!

  11. It is a difficult decision, I know. I hope everything works out for you. We need to put our trust in the Lord, as I am sure you are doing.


  12. I'm so glad you have peace about this. I'm sure your kids will do wonderful at their new school. You have prepared them well. Can't wait to hear about that new job you ARE going to find. Take care my friend!

  13. Wow, what a great post. I'm sure this has got to be a whole new chapter in your life for you.
    Homeschooling my girls is my job and life.. it would seem really weird and awkward to have to change that.
    I will say some prayers for you that you will be able to make the transition without to much craziness...

  14. Hey...thanks for stopping by my blog!

    We homeschooled for a bit, and my kids have also been in private school. Just this past year did we make the move to public school, and my kids have done great! I also got a job as a paraprofessional. I would have loved to have stayed home, but we live outside of the district that we wanted the boys in, so I had to get a job there to insure their enrollment. We had a great year last year! And though public school wasn't something that I ever thought would be in our future, it is so comforting to know that the Lord has taken care of our family and brought us this far.

  15. Momma, Got something for you :)


  16. I got an award for you :)