Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Tent - I Am So Done With It!!

I know some of you have seen these tent pictures, or most of them anyway, but I just want you to know I am not going to mess with it anymore. The kids haven't taken to the idea of sleeping out there or even playing out there. Hey, I gave it a whirl!

Thanks, Hope for the great idea. It really was a good thing for me to do. My kids will remember the summer mom and dad made them a tent. We will keep it and try again next year. Hop over to Hope's blog and see her Summer Club posts. They are so fun!

The kids can take it from here if they're interested. H has ventured into it a time or two and JB and his friend ran through it several times the other night, but other than that, no interest. The poor thing blew over or fell over today. I don't know why, it's not really windy. HOT, but not windy! I'll go out there later and survey the scene.

This is the tent in it's beginning stage. Draping it over the clothes line did not work. Duh!!

So my hubs got involved. This was good! And two or three weeks later we had a frame, LOL! I'm LOL at the time lapse. Then the poor thing fell all to pieces one day.

The frame couldn't hold the weight of the sheets. So a week or so later more pieces were added and we kept looking at it to see what else it needed. We glued all the PVC pieces together (except for the top center piece), added some clamps and some twine to hold that puppy down.

It stayed like this for a week or so. H layed down there for thirty seconds and said "Ahhhh!"

(Look at the grass...it is sooooo dry. I can't believe it was this dry so early in the summer. It usually rains until well after the 4th of July. This year the grass was dry by the 4th.)

Then she saw a little spider and it was all over. As I said, "I am so done with it", but it was fun and it kept me busy. My creative juices were flowing and it was not in vain because I needed the action in my life.

I can say I made a tent this summer and my hubby helped. I can say it was fun and the cat layed in it a few times too. So kids don't always take to our idea of what's fun, but I learned that this summer too. Oh, Lord you are magnificent and funny. I love you!


  1. Well maybe you can borrow a real tent from someone and it will have a real floor. Then H. won't see any bugs or crawlies!

    J. just got back from the beach. I'll bet it was crowded. You're right, it's just so HOT right now!!!!

    See, told you you'd love blogging....hehehehe!

  2. What a fun idea! Too bad we don't have a backyard feasible to build tents, my boys would love it! As I type, they are building a fort in the living room! Great job BTW!

  3. OOOF! Tonight Jacob was on those things that you inflate at church, this is huge, he got sweaty and his head started bleeding a little, I guess the sweat disolved the glue :( Luckly I seen it and had him go inside , and I got it to stop bleeding, it was just like a dot but still I had him to stay in , which bummed him out , I told him he has to becareful and try not to go outside and sweat alot other wise it will melt the glue.

  4. That is a really cool tent. You gave it a good honest try. What a great mom!

  5. IT is too hot outhere to be out... even with a tent :(

  6. So Funny! It will be a great memory for all of you though!

  7. What a cool idea. I would have been outta there too if I saw a spider. LOL

  8. Too funny. I was like that when I was younger too. I would set something all up and play with if for awhile.. then boom.. I was done..

    I don't like spiders either!! LOL

  9. You did a great job, Nannette!

    I am impressed with your persistence and determination in getting that tent together.

    You are a good mom!


  10. Fun post - cute tent, but tents aren't for me!

  11. fun idea! unfortunately for my kids this mom hates to camp.