Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Me And My Good Old Buddy

Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane

Come for a walk with me down Memory Lane!
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I want to take part in Erica's A Walk Down Memory Lane tonight. So I have a picture of me and a very dear friend of mine since tenth grade.

She introduced herself to me while we were in P.E. class one morning during that first week of tenth grade and we've been friends ever since. That would be thirty-six years ago. Oh my goodness!

My mom still has friends from high school which would be sixty-six years ago. We graduated from the same high school thirty years apart. Cool huh? And the school is still there. It is a historical building, but was renovated recently and it is still a functioning high school. I Digress. This is a walk down memory lane after all, and I go on some long walks at times.

This picture was taken this past May when Tami and I joined her SIL's church for a retreat. We had never spent time like that together. It was so fun!

She got married and had kids right away. I made Lot's of mistakes and finally married my current husband and didn't have kids until I was in my late thirties. It was difficult to get together. Her kids are all grown now and mine are independent and hubby can handle them for extended weekends easily enough. So I went and it was a great experience.

There is my Walk Down Memory Lane. I hope you enjoyed it. I did! :0)


  1. Yay!!! Thank you for joining me today! I'm so glad you did.

    And wanna hate me? I was born the year y'all met in the tenth grade --- yea, I'm 36!!!

    I just knew you'd LOVE me for that little comment. ha ha ha

    Y'all look fabulous and I love that you're still friends for ....well.... MY LIFETIME! ha ha ha

    I have old friends like that and I vow to never lose touch. They mean too much to me!

  2. Old friends are awesome. It's so much fun to talk about old memories, as well as talk about new stuff too!

  3. How neat that you got to get away...I look forward to being able to do that some day!

  4. What a great post! I have a friend that I have known for 42 years. I wouldn't trade her for ANYTHING!

    How wonderful that you were able to go on the retreat. They are a lot of fun!


  5. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. I will try to post a link to the article about dog therapy on my blog. It is really a simple article, but GOD recieves the glory in it and that is what is important to me.

  6. Hey, don't worry... I love old people, too. Just ask Nan! ((just kidding Nan!))

    Goodness, I'm really digging myself a hole here fast, aren't I?

    You ARE NOT OLD!!! Trust me!

    Friends come in all ages and sizes anyway. So who cares if you were 80!!! =0)

  7. Nannete, Great pic and great story! I have a friend that is still my best friend since 7th grade. I should dig up some pics of us back then. That would be interesting,
    This was a fun walk. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. Hi there!!! What a blessing to still have that friendship! I still have friends since the time I was in middle school, and that is now 26 years! Friendships like those are priceless!!!!!!!!