Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day Trip To The Ocean

I guess you can tell by the title, we went to the ocean. My son (J) went camping with some friends down at the ocean. I wanted to go so bad. Well I jumped on the opportunity when my hubby came home one day and said he had a four day weekend. Unfortunately one of those was an unpaid day. It was too late to get a campsite at the campground so I suggested going for one day. WE DID!!

We stopped at a place called the Rusty Tractor to use the restrooms. So here I sit on a very old rusty compressor.

This is a, you got it, rusty tractor. It speaks for itself doesn't it?

We walked around the outside of the building taking pictures. I call this the Jello Mold Wall. I'm sure some of you are familiar with Jello Molds. I think someone needed a few this past holiday season and they borrowed some from here. See the empty dark spaces? My mom used to have some hanging in the kitchen for years. Now we never have molded jello. Is it a lost art?

I think this mural is a picture of a wood mill. Of course the handicapped parking sign was in front of it.

We finally made it to the ocean. My daughter (H) brought her friend (JM) so she wouldn't be bored in the car or feel left out once we got there with the boys.

The boys were on vacation time. They were just getting to breakfast at 10:00am when we got there. So we went straight to the beach. It was quite overcast all day, but warm enough to play in the ocean and sand for hours.

Here's the girls. JM on the left and my H on the right. They are one year apart. They have a lot of fun together.

Here's my hubby walking on the overcast beach. I was so hoping for a clear and warm day at the ocean, but those are rare. It was still wonderful since I love the ocean beaches.

Walking back to the campground to have some lunch. We could barely see the campground. We couldn't see the trail head from the beach so we just walked in that general direction and hoped we hadn't gone too far north or south. We passed our son (J) on the way back. He and the boys were headed to the beach now that they had eaten breakfast.

We went back down to the beach after lunch and brought the beach toys down this time so the girls played for a long time in the wet sand.

J and his friend , P were digging. J didn't seem too interested in getting down and digging or getting in the ocean. He just hung out and talked I guess. P didn't want his picture taken.

P thought if he closed his eyes the camera couldn't see him.

J is fourteen now. His birthday was the day before he left to go camping.

Me and my hubby relaxing. I was sitting in very wet sand so
when I got up my buns were soaked. The next
trip up to camp I brought a chair back to the
beach with me.

H and JM spent hours digging. JM had dug a hole, stepped in and buried her feet. She was really short then.

This is pretty much what I saw of H all day.

Now that's a sand sculpture that took a lot of time! Very cute! Definitely an example of H and JM's personalities.

H and JM went to and from the water several times to bring back water to fill their holes they had dug. Since the tide was going out all day they had to walk further and further. Most of the time we couldn't see them because of the fog. They got a good work out.

Arriving back at their sand digging site huffing and puffing after the long walk. I couldn't convince them to move closer the water.

Hard at work.

They finally got warm enough and just played in the water. JM the mermaid. It's time to go!! You can imagine how long it took them to drag themselves out of the water and put all the sand toys away. Then there were a couple of trips back into the water to rinse off. When I mentioned ice cream, they moved a bit faster. We said good bye to J, cuz he was staying at the campground for two more days.

We drove into town and visited the local ice cream place. No ice cream for me, I prefer a mocha as you can see on the table at my spot. It's pretty much a tradition with us to stop at this ice cream place every time we visit the ocean.

There are a lot of chain saw artists in this area because it is where a lot of logging was being done years ago. We stopped at one spot on the way home and took pictures. The guy was real nice about it. I'm sure he'd rather sell some pieces than let us take pictures, but I think he's used to it.

This is my sunburned face on top of this sculpture. I'm just a little broad in the shoulders for this sculpture, but I just had to have a picture. I can't believe I didn't put sunscreen on. I made sure everyone else did. Oh well.

It's hard to see, but that is a shark sculpture chasing H, our actress.

And lastly, my hubby is trying to see the way home. The fog has finally cleared and we can see the way to go. It was hard to leave, but we had to. I love the ocean. Did I say that already? Well I do.


  1. Fun pictures! They look like they had a blast. I love the ocean too! But I like it better when it's warm out, lol!

  2. Awesome pictures! You guys look like you had a wonderful time at the beach. I, too love the beach...well, I love anywhere with water!
    BLessings, andrea

  3. Thanks for visiting me! I always enjoy making new bloggy buddies!

    Looks like you and yours had a great day together. Love all the pictures!

  4. I am soooo jealous! lol I have not been to the ocean in almost 4 years. When we lived in NY we could go anytime we wanted. Just hopped in the car and in 1/2 hour - hour, we were soaking up the rays and wiping off the sand!

    Your pics were GREAT! Especially the one with you and your pretty sunburned face on top of the statue....CUTE! :>)

    What a fun day!


  5. Great pictures! It really shows what a fun time that you all seemed to have! Even though it was on the cool side! thanks for sharing your day with us!

  6. how fun!! Thanks for sharing all the great photos!! :)

  7. Hello there Nannette,

    These pictures of the day at the ocean are great. You all do look like you are having a wonderful day. That seems like a fun place for camping.

    I like that wall of jello molds.

    We lived for the summer, before I went to 1st grade, in a place called Warm Beach, Washington. We moved to Edmonds, Washington were I went to 1st grade. Then we moved to Bellingham, Washington when I was in second grade.


  8. Oh, I love the ocean, too! It sure was foggy/hazy, huh?

    Glad y'all had a great time... and love the shark picture as he chases her. =0)