Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane July 29, 2009

Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane

Come for a walk with me down Memory Lane!
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Thanks, Erica for hosting this. I enjoy walks down memeory lane.

As a kid, our family used to go camping every summer. We had some favorite places we went every year. The ocean, a friends' cabin on a lake, and this mountain campground.

I think I'm nine or ten years old here. I loved walking on the big fallen logs. I played in the woods and the creeks at this very primitive campground near the mountain.

There were only very old outhouses with four holes. I hated that more than anything especially in the dark when mom made us go use the restroom before we went to bed. Oooooh icky!

What a beautiful, green place this was. The creek was so cold it made any body part hurt that met with it's mountain chill. Oh so refreshing when it did get hot up there though.

Good times camping. My folks did a lot of hard work so we could go camping. A whole other story.


  1. What a great memory! I used to go camping as a kid with my family every summer and those were some good times! Awesome picture!

  2. What a great memory and a great shot of you. I would love to visit that place for some pictures of my kids. Great scenery.

  3. That picture looks almost surreal! Movie-like!

    My first thought was "Tia" from "Escape From Witch Mountain".... do you remember that movie???

    What great memories to have! Thanks for joining me on my walk. =0)

  4. Nannette,

    We had woods surrounding our house when I was growing up and many trees fallen over the creek where we played. I spent countless hours pretending and crawling across those trees. Good memories.

    That was a great idea your church had...about the veggies. I often take our excess to church and share them around. The Lord has blessed us tremendously and I love to share that blessing.


  5. You are so cute!

    EWW! I hated outhouses too! My great grandparents us to have one. I visited them once or twice as a little girl. That memory just came back to me. :)

  6. Hi Nannette,

    I am so glad to see this post of your camping trip. You have lovely blond hair!
    It sounds like such an adventure, and it was so good of your parents to take you camping every summer.

    I know how cold those mountain streams are. I have fallen into one during the fall. No pun intended.

    Thanks for joining the walk down memory lane!


  7. Nannette, I also HATE the outhouse experience and think it is the worst part of camping, especially because I can never make it through the night without a visit.