Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Have Microsoft!!

Some of you are probably saying, what else is there? I'll just say I now have Microsoft on my own computer at my own desk and can blog and read blogs without the pressure of my hubby wanting to be at his desk and just do his thing.

You see, my husband builds all of our computers from free computers that people give to him. He also tries to find everything free or cheap to make repairs on our computers. I am grateful for these things.

For some reason he didn't want Microsoft on our computers. He had it as an option on his, however. I dunno! So I have had Linux on mine and it has worked well until I started blogging and it just wasn't working.

When I started blogging my system (Linux) suddenly wasn't compatible with whatever (I'm so computer savvy, not!) So I had to use my hub's computer which has Microsoft and Linux on it. I was fine with it, until my hubs had this week off and he wanted to just use his computer whenever he wanted to. As he should be able to. I was usually sitting there trying to blog at those times.

He decided that he would finally put Microsoft on my computer too. So this week, in addition to all of the other things my hubby did , he installed Microsoft on my computer. I am happy to be blogging to you from my own desk.

I'll post more later today when I get back from my dad's 88th birthday lunch. Have a nice day and evening.


  1. Yay! I have taken over hubby's laptop. But he's downstairs so he doesn't care.

    Since it's supposed to be 101 next week (on Wed.) I'll bet your hubby will be glad to be back at work instead of painting H.'s room, lol!

    When you were giving your announcement today I thought you looked very pretty in your top and skirt and perky red toes!

    It's just to hot to wear anything but a dress or shorts lately.....

  2. Yeah! I am happy for you! Convenience is so almost everything! :)

  3. Praising GOD for you being able to use your own computer!

  4. Nannette,

    Great…even though you had to give up the computer all week…it really paid off big time with your husband deciding to fix up you computer. He sure is hardworking putting all with those computers!

    When my husband is home I am always needing to jump up to give him the computer. We share the same one. I don’t get much blogging done that way. But his time off is important and I like to make his life happy at home.


  5. Yeah for You!!! What a talented husband you have to be able to build computers.